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Unbuttoned with textile designer Rachel Doriss

Rachel Doriss has an energy and passion for textiles that allows her to share her expertise with designers. Through panel discussions and CEU courses, Rachel offers insight on her inspiration, imagination and interpretation, bringing an element of excitement to the audience as she speaks about her work.

Her path was evident as a child, creating her “first official textile project” in the third grade, which involved splatter painting curtains made from old sheets. Bringing influence from her grandmother, a weaver, who taught her many fiber arts, Rachel continued her education at the University of Massachusetts, studying printmaking and painting, while teaching batik workshops. After two years, she transferred to the Rhode Island School of Design’s Textile department to study both printed and woven techniques.

After a series of positions in New York, designing for various companies, Rachel joined the POLLACK team in 2000, eventually succeeding Mark Pollack as Design Director after he stepped down in 2012. Rachel tours the country offering CEU courses that challenge designers to examine how choices of material, construction, pattern and color are resolved to create an aesthetically pleasing and physically functional fabric.

In the fall of 2013, Rachel toured the country introducing Makers, a collection of fabrics created by collaborating with five artists who work within media other than interior textiles. Makers features the fabric Odalisque, which recently won a 2013 Best of Year Award. Rachel has been featured on House and Home TV as well as Shelter Pop, Apartment Therapy, Here in this House, CasaSugar, Office Insight, “The Cape Cod Times” and on RISD’s web site.

Unbuttoned With Rachel Doriss

Style icon: Anett Gabriel

Favorite heroine: Ruby Bridges

Dream lunch date: Frida Kahlo

Favorite cliché: What doesn’t kill you makes me stronger.

Personal motto: Live in the moment. Does this bring me joy?

Idea that changed your life: I could do textiles for a living

Always trying to improve: editing and curating my home

Most envious of: I don’t like envy

Most inspired by: my grandmother

Fashion item you would ban: fast fashion (editor's note: A-MEN!)

Favorite piece in your wardrobe: embroidered Wrangler jean jacket that I got at a thrift shop when I was 15.

Biggest extravagance:  Emily Miranda gold cuff bracelet and anything designed by Gary Graham

Can’t bear to spend on: bottled waterl

Irrational fear of: Boogeymen

Brains or beauty: both

Audrey or Katharine Hepburn: Katharine

Jennifer Lopez or Lawrence: Lawrence

Diamonds or pearls: Diamonds

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