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Unbuttoned with Andra Liemandt of The Mrs.

Andra Liemandt

Andra Liemandt’s success stems from her passion for encouraging others through her efforts as a musician, philanthropist, motivational speaker and busy wife and mother. 

Andra began playing drums “later in life” to fulfill her dream of playing an instrument and to set an example for her girls that hard work pays off. She was quickly hooked, fitting practice into any free moment she’d find between professional and parental commitments.

Andra’s musical passion quickly evolved into the formation of The Mrs., an all-female rock band in their 30s and 40s from Austin, TX.

As the founder and driving force behind The Mrs., Andra is on a mission to create music women can relate to and change the way they see themselves.  As part of The Mrs. band, Andra’s drive, strength and positive energy has turned a personal project into a global movement of female empowerment.  She is determined to bring a new genre of music to the forefront that is meaningful to women, with songs about motherhood, balancing personal relationships, careers, marriages and friendships, and other true-life experiences that modern women encounter. 

Upon releasing their first single, “Enough,” The Mrs. turned into an Internet sensation when their video went viral with nearly six million views.  As a way to solidify their message and encourage women to change the often negative way they tend to see themselves, the band created the #ImEnough movement to celebrate the amazing strength of women by successfully convincing women everywhere that they are indeed, ENOUGH!

Andra’s message of self-empowerment is resonating louder than ever.  Both the music industry and fans alike are taking notice, as The Mrs. have ranked among the Top 30 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary radio charts alongside such talented acts as Madonna, Maroon 5, Meghan Trainor, Fall Out Boy, Imagine Dragons, and many others.

The Mrs. are digitally debuting their first EP this fall on iTunes, Amazon, and other favorite etailers. For more information about The Mrs., visit

Unbuttoned with Andra Liemandt

Style icon: CoCo Chanel

Favorite heroine: Joan Jett

Dream lunch date: Elvis Presley

Favorite cliché: Sleep on it.

Personal motto: It’s never too late to try something new.

Idea that changed your life: Picking up drumsticks & choosing to start a band later in life

Always trying to improve: My timing (in drums and in life!)

Most envious of: My youngest daughter’s sleep habits. She falls asleep like *that!

Most inspired by: My father: he continues to work to this day, an eternal entrepreneur. I admire his workethic and what he taught me in my life. It’s why I married the man I married.

Fashion item you would ban: High heels...I have a love/hate relationship with them.

Favorite piece in your wardrobe: I’m a jacket girl, so any kind of leather or a blazer...

Biggest extravagance: Handbags.

Can’t bear to spend on: Furniture. It pains me to spend money on a couch when I know my girls will be spilling drinks on it.

Audrey or Katharine Hepburn: Audrey

Jennifer Lopez or Lawrence: J Lo!

Diamonds or pearls: Diamonds, of course!

The Mrs

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