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Unbuttoned with Jessie Deye, CEO of Gild Collective

Jessie Deye CEO of Gild Collective
Meet Jessie Deye

I’m a green-as-all-get-out startup CEO, part of an all-female team in a highly male dominated space, and most days have no idea what I’m doing. But that’s been the trend for most of my life, and I’ve gotten really good at figuring shit out as I go.

My job out of college was that of a financial analyst. (I had a degree in Molecular Biology.)

But I knew I wanted to work with data, and so I spent my days running Google into the ground finding out how to do my job.

Last year I bought a 135-year old historic home for a full gut rehab. (I didn’t even know what a construction loan was.)

So I faked it, and BS’d my way through conversations with my architect, loan officer, and contractors, and somehow ended up with my dream home.

So when I left my comfortable corporate job earlier this year to chase after a startup concept, it was only slightly less terrifying to realize that I’d be waking up every day without a clue what I’m doing. Our company curates kick-ass craft parties for women. We’re called Gild Collective, and we design the projects, source all the supplies, and provide our customers with portion-sized project ‘kits’ and all the instruction they need.

Pretty sweet concept, right? We think so.

I have a passion for learning, a passion for building, and feel most alive when I dance on the edge of failure. My post-collegiate career, my (possibly insane) home rehab, and now running a startup all qualify. But what I’ve learned is that you don’t have to have it all figured out. In fact, I operate best when I am forced to figure it out as I go. I really do believe that there is nothing I (or anyone) can’t do with enough tenacity and a strong enough desire to succeed.

Unbuttoned with… Jessie Deye

Style icon: Cara Delevingne. Anyone that can look hot in leggings and a beanie is my kind of chick.

Favorite heroine: Katniss Everdeen. So I have a thing for teen fiction? Sue me.

Dream lunch date: Tacos and existentialism with Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Favorite cliché: You can’t please everyone. (so stop trying)

Personal motto: Today, I choose joy.

Idea that changed your life: Dipping pretzels in cottage cheese. Just trust me on this.

Always trying to improve: My willpower for saying no to Taco Bell.

Most envious of: I tried for 15 minutes to come up with an answer for this one and I got nothin. Astronauts? People who aren’t allergic to dogs?

Most inspired by: People who put it all on the line for the sake of passion.

Fashion item you would ban: UGG boots. Please, someone do something about UGG boots.

Favorite piece in your wardrobe: My entire fall wardrobe? All the layers. All the time.

Biggest extravagance: Travel. Travel, travel, travel.

Can’t bare to spend on: Expensive home decor - reclaimed goods all the way.

Irrational fear of: Death by freak accident.

Brains or beauty: Brains, any day.

Audrey or Katharine Hepburn: Katharine. For being unapologetically happy.

Jennifer Lopez or Lawrence: Jennifer Lawrence - what a bad bitch.

Diamonds or pearls: Diamonds. Antique.

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