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Twelve days of Christmas (dressing)

It's officially December which means that the holiday season is officially in full swing.  Time for feasting, buying and partying.  With so much going on, it's really easy to get stuck in a style rut.  Lord knows I killed the cashmere sweater layered over a silk blouse and major necklace look last year.  Not that there's anything wrong with that... formulas work for a reason.

This year, instead of working off a formula, I propose working off a theme. I'm going for a season based around The 12 Days of Christmas dressing.  Just go with me on this.

First up: A Partridge in a Pear Tree (of course!)

This look incorporates my most favorite trends this year (a luxe sweatshirt and printed trousers, hello!)

I started off with a couple of birds for inspiration.  I'm loving these Steven Alan cropped bird trousers. As bird print pants go, they're pretty wearable.  The fabulous brooch at the neckline is Cartier.  If you don't have vintage baubles hanging around, try out Etsy or eBay for some great finds.  And finally, I found this sweet little bird clutch by Tonya Hawkes for The Birds, it's lambskin with a bird silk screen, how fab? 

I paired the trousers with the Journey into Night Hepburn shirt.  The plum color is perfect for the holidays.  Less obvious than red, more subtle than a metallic.  Over the silk blouse, I layered this River Island faux fur quilted sweatshirt.  Yes, an unholy combination, but I kind of love it?!?

And on the toes, Fendi fur trimmed pumps. Quite a lot of textures happening here, but I think it works.  Might as well take a risk, and if it doesn't pay off you can always blame the eggnog.

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