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12 Days of Christmas Style: Three French Hens

Did you know the three French hens in the 12 days of Christmas song represent faith, hope and love (charity)?  I learned that today.  Turns out, it's not just a frantic song that I can never remember the words to, there's actually a meaning.  Its easy to get caught up in the chaos of the season so it's nice to remember that the holiday is really all about love.

But in keeping with the 12 days of Christmas style theme, we've still got to talk about the clothes.

When I think of dressing around a theme of faith, hope and love my brain immediately thinks "jewlery".  Not just because there are so many amazing stacking rings and whimsical little necklaces with words like "love" and "cool".  For most women, jewelry has some sort of sentimental value... half of a heart from a best friend, a keepsake from a favorite relative or a little sparkle from the s/o.  And we certainly display our faith through jewelry; I'm looking at you, cross necklaces and wedding bands!  How-ev-er... for the purposes of this post, I'm obviously taking faith, hope and love quite literally!

The hardware: Miss Selfridge choker layered over a faith pendant necklace from Daily Look, Erica Anenberg two finger hope ring, and Z designs stacking ring set.

The rags: VAUGHAN navy silk blouse and A.L.C. metallic shorts.

Finishing touches: Saint Laurent pumps, Valentino Noir Rockstud clutch and Elizabeth Arden lipstick.

...Two turtle doves

and a partridge in a pear tree!

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