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Friday Find: soft rock styling

silk leather and lace styling

For the style savvy, some looks should never be shelved. One particular trend on the up and up that couldn't give a hoot whether you're a pre-teen or a pensioner is the soft rock look. A beautiful melange of fine French detailing and confident embellished leather, embrace your inner rock royalty with an after-dark rebellious interpretation on naughty but nice styling.

Following on from the wildly popular gothic trend that captured our imagination last fall, fierce leather meets gossamer lace and creamy ruffles for a new age rocker edge to everyday dressing. Proving that beauty really does lie in the details, classic silhouettes are given post-punk adornment with industrial accessories reigning supreme.

Chunky chain chokers and perforated metallic riveting adds a slightly hardware appeal to overtly romantic undertones – creating a hotly anticipated top trend to try now!

Hard glamour accessories pack quite the punch this season, unleash your inner rebel without a cause with this tough metallic studded Saint Laurent leather clutch that underpins the glam rock aesthetic. A monogrammed design that pairs high luxe design with menacing heavy metal, invest in this new season style clash must and update romantic separates with industrial accenting.

A paring of opposites, the soft rock trend bridges the fashion fault line between anti-trend and style focused. A collision of fiercely feminine designs, this Hepburn shirt with detail lace sleeve overlay is a formal classic that effortlessly segues high-luxe prêt-à-porter staples into a contextually rich setting. Paired with this eyelet perforated leather mini, the 'Coming to Dinner' Hepburn shirt from our core VAUGHAN collection seamlessly combines the two opposing forces apparent in this biker-chic look.

Worn with an updated take on the classic Chanel chain necklace, this vintage inspired oval curb chunky statement piece oozes with glitterati style status, transitioning a fashion forward ensemble into a couture classic. Worn with these floral lace almond toe boots by Dolce & Gabanna, these sultry ladies seasonal boots mirror the innocent elegance that oozes from our delicate lace and silk shirt.

The ideal way to repurpose sultry black lace staples from last season, add a high octane edge to transitional seasonal trends with soft rock style cues that encourage a daylight glam aesthetic. Raise hell in romantic lace detailing and heavy duty metallic ornamentation for a look that marches to the beat of its own drummer.

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