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From the Front Row: Leandra Medine

fashion inspiration from Leandra Medine

She's known internationally as an anti-trend advocate - a seriously confident fashion trailblazer that couldn't give a hoot if you think her seemingly eccentric style is your cup of tea, and that's why we love her.

It can only be, the reigning geek chic champion, Leandra Medine. The quirky down-town NYC dynamo and media mogul certainly knows her stuff, and whilst most of her off-kilter ensembles would be impossible to pull off, sometimes she throws us a sartorial bone to style at home.

The face behind the ManRepeller machine, the slightly goofy gal about town loves to dress to impress with her honest interpretations on predictive trends to come. A veritable Fashion girl after our own hearts, her irreverent dare to wear attitude has garnered her her own fashion following (us VAUGHAN girls included!) That's why we couldn't resist making our straight talking home girl our Friday muse for this week.

Stalking her social media channels, we're pretty sure she's just as much of a sucker for a beautiful silk shirt as us! Snapped on her wildly popular 'Manstagram' page (love) we had a serious #SNAP moment when we saw our backstreet babe rocking a deep navy silk shirt that resembles our popular Hepburn shirt in Dragon Seed. A rich and sensual button fronted design that can be worn XL to add some extra fashion flounce to this colour-block ensemble, our classic shirt offsets these larger than life cropped pants perfectly.

Worn tucked into these stunning OTT emerald green culottes, the pairing of opposites seen in this bold yet eye-catching combination easily strikes a cord with even the most stern of sartorial purists. Whilst this look is a balanced blend of contemporary cool and refined fashion élan – it seems far too subtle for the bombastic front row madame, that's why it came as no surprise to see her shake up this flattering ensemble with a touch of school yard whimsy with these ethnic inspired colour pop tassel heels. Worn with matching pompom bracelet stack, this versatile and comfortable combo oozes with a simple elegance Medine has become renowned for.

Easily styled for work or play, this inner city chic colour combo using our famous Vaughan silk shirt is an easy breezy melange of light, flattering fabrics and an overtly sultry silhouette – proving once again that fashion isn't just timeless, it's ageless, too!

Pictured: VAUGHAN Hepburn shirt in Dragon Seed, Valentino wool culottes, Sophia Webster pom pom sandals, oodles of Sweetlime friendship bracelets

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