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From the front row: Miroslava Duma

style inspiration russian fashionista miroslava duma

A high-flying media mogul with no time for boring, Miroslava Duma's red carpet rotation reads like a who's who of delectable designer pieces.

One of the most talked about rising stars from behind the iron curtain, Russia's premiere red-carpet queen is renowned for her covetable take on high-luxe fashion and an unquenchable penchant for showcasing next season's hottest styles.

Winning a proverbial golden ticket most mortals would give their right arm for, Miss Miroslava has become an influential IT girl in her own right. Cherry-picking designer statement pieces straight from the showroom, the petite nymphet boldly marches to the beat of her own drummer with unconventional twists on catwalk-ready designs.

With more fashion pull than most street style veterans, we're pretty sure she could wear a bin bag as a turban and we'd all be following suit next season!

Igniting our sartorial imagination and firing up trend-setting styles before our very eyes, when we saw Miroslava strutting her stuff in NYC in this down-time day ensemble, we knew we'd soon be fishing out our distressed denim, too!

Earning her place in the VAUGHAN hall of fame for this fabulous take on grungy denim, we've recreated this stunning ensemble for you to try at home.

With her finger on the trigger of next season's hottest looks – Miroslava always hits the mark when it comes to perennial fashion.

Using a rich blend of forest greens to inject a bucolic edge to inner-city dressing, we've matched her floral inspired embroidered shirt with our rich, short-sleeved Bettie shirt in Pin Up Queen Green. A relaxed design with endless fashion mileage, this discerning style adds a touch of formal chic to a decidedly down-tempo ensemble. Worn tucked into the waistband of these high-waisted shorts, this pairing of opposites is the perfect 'rock girl gone good' outfit.

Whilst we're sure Miroslava probably whipped up these DIY denim jeans herself, we're airing on the side of caution and leaving it to the professionals – opting for a pair of detailed white-washed shorts with rough and ready detailing, instead. Worn to accentuate your wasp waist, these oversized fit shorts give a graceful A-line edge to this straight up and down outfit.

Worn with high-fashion accoutrements, this two-piece casual look is given a high-luxe edge thanks to carefully placed accessories that accentuate designer refinement. Colour-coded for extra fashion élan, this oversized green purse with high-shine finish is just big enough to store your V.I.P passes in style, whilst this OTT plexiglass chain necklace gives a subtle nod to the current plastic-fantastic  trend. Worn with comfortable block wedge heels for extra height, these black strappy wooden sandals lengthen the leg – leaving you with a flawless silver screen silhouette.

The perfect no-fuss outfit for the busy gal on the go, this weekend winner from Miroslava Duma is a summer-inspired ensemble that strikes an irreproachable balance between couture cool and urban chic.

Pictured: VAUGHAN Bettie shirt, Diana Broussard necklace, One Teaspoon denim shorts, Hobo clutch, Sergio Rossi wedges.

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