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Styling your Fourth

The fourth weekend can be tricky fashion territory.  Yes, we all want to be festive but really, the American flag bikini is a little too much.  Plus all of the BBQs and parties mean there's a good chance your judgement will be impaired for at least part of the weekend.  Fear not, here's four festive options to get you through the entire weekend.

Style your day trip

This look is best reserved for those of you who use "summer" as a verb.  This all white err-thing ensemble is going to be perfect for day time party hopping in the Hamptons or a weekend excursion to the Vineyard.

VAUGHAN Bettie shirt in Stark Naked White, Tory Burch jeans and espadrilles, Stella McCartney backpack, Kelly Wearsler cuff, Bobbi Brown lip gloss, New Look turban and Pashley bike.


The chilled out BBQ

summer bbq party style

I love loose summer shorts, they're so comfortable and a lot easier to wear than a lot of skirts (am I the only one who finds her skirt on backwards after 10 minutes?)  Your red solo cup will be the perfect accessory to be totally red-white-and-blue without any themey pieces and the huge tote is perfect for BYO-ing.

VAUGHAN Bettie shirt in Bettie's Blues, Sea cotton shorts, ZYLC beach tote, Miu Miu slip ons, Acne necklace, and Monki sunnies (they're $15!)


The fourth inspired bikini (no stars and stripes here)

Ditch the tired old sarong and use a VAUGHAN shirt as a perfect beach coverup.  This look is an ultra-luxe nod to American style.  I seriously encourage everyone to try a cowboy hat, so flattering and very unexpected.

VAUGHAN Hepburn shirt in Lion in Winter, Vitamin A bikini, Sergio Rossi flats, Alaia tote, Jeweliq necklace, Forever 21 hat, Vera Bradley towel.


Go to a picnic, dress like a picnic

Every year my parents do a picnic at Tanglewood.  It's the kind of event where they synchronize cannons firing to the 1812 Overture.  Which is to say this place is LEGIT.  You may think it's a little over-the-top to wear a full on taffeta midi skirt to sit on the grass for several hours, but you would be wrong.

VAUGHAN Bettie shirt in Pink Teasarama, Top Shop midi skirt, Tory Burch wedges, Chelsea Doll choker, Blackfive sun hat.

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