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Inspiration from "real women" on Womens Day

international womens day

If you're a fan of VAUGHAN shirts, you know that our classic styles, the Hepburn and the Bettie shirts were inspired by a couple of Hollywood's legendary icons.  I suppose it comes naturally to look to the past for inspiration from classic style stars.

However, in doing so, I realized that I was neglecting some fairly impressive women that I interact with on a daily basis. 

In honor of International Womens Day, I'd like to reflect on some of the "real" women who inspire me every day.

I'm thinking of the woman in her mid-twenties who secures VC funding to start her business and finds herself featured in Forbes.  The whiz who wakes early every morning to teach piano to her neighbor's kids before brokering multi-million dollar deals at the office.  The adventurer who treats herself to incredible trips trekking across the globe on a whim.  The mom who never fails to show up and support her family. The woman who can be counted on by her friends as a shoulder to lean on.

These may seem like small feats but they all take courage, grace and tenacity.  When you think about it, the Hollywood stars start to pale in comparison, don't they?

With that said, I would like to introduce you to Cassie, my sister and muse for The Cassie shirt.

I think that Cassie has quite a lot in common with many women today.  She's dealing with the struggle of balancing family and a pretty great career.  You see, this is what happens when you're tenacious... it's impossible to settle for "good enough", be it at home or at work.  Did I mention that Cassie also volunteers for a couple of organizations that help other women further their careers?  As if that weren't enough, she's been known to throw dinner parties for 20+ people.  With an infant at home.

Since this post was written, Cassie has even more going on... she's broken her arm and somehow managed to make homemade meals for her family for the next week, all during her one year old's nap time.

Cassie probably doesn't see herself as remarkable but I think she's quiet a role model for her family... and for all of us, really.

Here's to Cassie, Happy Womens Day to her, and to all of you... the hard working women who take care of business; day in, day out.


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  • Thanks @Allyson. I couldn’t agree more. Glad you like the post. xo Lindsay

    lindsay @ vaughan on

  • Great blog and truly an inspiring woman!

    Allyson on