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Fave find Friday: Sun screening

Pretty impressive looking stuff, innit?

Today's fave find that I'm sharing with you is this amazing Helicocare sunblock.  No, they didn't pay me... it's just my most favorite new product.  Which is saying a lot for someone who loves her products.

There's so many unavoidable stresses that wreak havoc on our skin: sun, pollution, lack of sleep, Bordeaux.  The very least we could do is slather a little sunscreen on every morning.  Or as my dermatologist says "NEVER skip a day, ever, ever, ever".  Good thing she was talking to an obsessive compulsive.

I'm a big fan of this particular formula not just because of the flashy packaging which makes you feel a bit like a super hero.  It's also a gel so it glides on, feels lightweight either under or over a bazillion other products and it doesn't have a funny smell like my other sunblocks can.

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