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Fave find Friday: Marlies Dekkers

Image via Marlies Dekkers

What do I have in common with Amanda Lapore, Rihanna and Lady Gaga? Well, if you know me, your (very accurate) guess would be "not much".  And for better or worse, you're probably right. With one kinda of fabulous exception.

We all have a major obsession with Dutch lingerie brand Marlies Dekkers.  It's pretty obvious why Amanda, Rihanna and Gaga all wear the brand.  Marlies Dekkers bras are super fun with crisscrossing straps with major hardware all while still providing enough coverage to be worn as outerwear.

After a recent surgery left me with a very tender sternum, my options for pretty bras were limited, to say the least.  The final straw came when my doctor asked if I had just visited the gym because I was "wearing a sports bra". It's a bad day when a medical professional frowns on your choice of undergarment. Eeks, not a good look. 

This prompted me to hit a couple of lovely bra shops where I was introduced to Marlies Dekkers. And what a fabulous line!  All of the bras and briefs are smooth so they look great under whatever you're wearing.  But there's always fabulous straps, hardware and great contrasting colors so it's never boring.  As I described the brand to a friend, they're comfortable enough to wear under your clothes all day and pretty enough to show off.

I especially love to let the Dame de Paris just barely peek out of one of my Hepburn shirts.  And the Johan Maurits bras would be lovely with the Bettie shirt.  The crisscrossing straps and necklace styling would definitely add a little intrigue.

Take a look for yourself at  After all, it's good for morale.

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