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New styles & new inspirations

I thought I would take a break from this week's fave find Friday to give you some updates about what's been happening here at VAUGHAN.

An all-new shirt style, coming soon

I'm very exited to let you know that there's a brand new VAUGHAN style heading your way very soon. I'll be dropping more hints as we get closer to our launch date but I am thrilled about this one.  It's definitely going to be more of an investment piece, but I think you'll find it really easy to style and a lot of fun to wear.  My fit model and I have already had a lot of fun with this one.

We're trying something a bit different and doing a limited edition style in just 3 classic colorways.  This time, we have produced very limited quantities and once it's sold out, it's gone forever!  I absolutely adore my Hepburn shirts but I'd also like to create some styles that are slightly more directional and experiment with some new silhouettes.

This means you can also look forward to more styles coming from VAUGHAN more often. Expect to see more of these limited edition VAUGHAN pieces coming up more frequently.

Farewell, Hollywood icons

Don't get me wrong, I love celebs just as much as the next person but I'll no longer be naming my collections after them.  Instead, I'll be focusing on "ordinary" women (read: non-celebs) who are really quite extraordinary.  In a few days I'll fill you in on the inspiration for my next collection and explain a bit more of my thinking behind this change.

With that said, if you have any women you would like to nominate I would most definitely like to honor heroes in your life by naming a shirt after them.  Just drop me a line (lindsay at wearvaughan dot com) and fill me in!

Classic shirt styles on sale

It's time to clear some room for new collections.  We've marked down some of our favorite silk blouses.  It's the first time we're having a sale so better scoop your finds up today.

> Click to shop all sale shirts.

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