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Meet your new favorite shirt.

White shirt style: Black and white, day to night

Image via Who What Wear
Black and white are one of the world's most obvious pairings.  The combo is pretty much ubiquitous in graphic design, publishing, fashion, home decor... you name it.  Which can make for slightly tricky styling.  How to wear black and white in a way that's not boring?

White tops and black skirts or trousers have long been the uniform of choice for the likes of orchestras and waitstaff.  I'd venture a guess that's not really what you're going for.

As always, the key is in the details. I love that nothing here is flashy or over the top to detract from the gorgeous skirt.  Start with one key piece, either with a great cut, texture or color.  Add a white shirt.  Its easy to play with the shirt a bit as it can be tucked in/out, buttoned high/low, and sleeves buttoned/cuffed depending on your mood or event.  Add some serious hardware (a great watch, necklace or earrings) and a pair of subtle yet ultra flattering shades.  An uncovered iPad shows you mean business.  Or you're mid-movie, whatever.

The look above is versatile and classic but definitely not boring.  It would be super easy to wear the white shirt and wrap skirt to a breakfast meeting and 12 hours later do dinner and a show without missing a beat.

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