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Style icon: Anna Wintour

Image via Huffington Post

Today marks Anna Wintour's 64th birthday which makes her the perfect subject for our Style Icon series.  For a woman who rests comfortably at the undisputed pinnacle of The Fashion World, her wardrobe always reads as remarkably un-fashion-y (that's a compliment).

Well groomed and stylish? Yes.

Fashionable? I don't know about that.

Which is exactly what I love and loathe about Anna. If you think about it, the whole fashion look is kind of lame. It means that the wearer is recognizably influenced by designers, celebrities and The People, which makes it virtually impossible to secure tastemaker status. 

At the same time, fashion usually signifies where we are as a society. In order to remain relevant, style can't be stagnant. And plus it's FUN to experiment a bit and change your style of dress on a whim.

With that said, there's no arguing that Wintour has cultivated an iconic and recognizable signature style equation:

I DID manage to find a rare example of an off-duty Wintour.  Anna in jeans!

My thoughts exactly, Anna.

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