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Behind the scenes at the Cassie photo shoot

Last Friday was pretty much the culmination of 3 months of work... we shot the photography for the Cassie shirt here in Singapore.  Hours of planning and work boiled down to a single super busy and exciting (loonnnnnng) day. For me, it's always both thrilling and draining.

I was super lucky to work with a phenomenal team, photog Olga Papina, the gorgeous Sveta B and Lady Narain modeled, and Rick Yang and Fion Tan on hair and makeup. I'm thrilled to have put together a great team. The older I get, the more importance I place on surrounding myself with inspiring, hard working people and last Friday was no exception. 

Below are some snaps I took from the shoot.

Rick and Fion discussing Sveta's hair and makeup.  What you can't see in this shot are the massive cups of coffee from the hawker center downstairs. It's 8:30 am and we need fuel!

Our first look of the day is an instant classic, perfect for both work and date night (although we'd advise slipping on a pair of pumps).

Olga in action. Sheesh, even the woman behind the camera is a stunner!

You would be shocked to see what everyone ate for lunch. Massive plates piled high with hawker center delights. Needless to say, it was time for a post-lunch touch up.

As always, Lady was the only diva at the shoot, although we can hardly blame her.  The combination of my Spotify playlist and flashing lights could test anyone's nerves.

This baby look familiar to anyone? Yep! It's our classic Hepburn shirt, back in stock as of today.


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