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Friday find: Pamela Love Mini-Machina Ear Cuff

Oh, the ear cuff - that little feat of accessorizing that ads instant edge to any outfit. But if you only associate ear cuffs with fanning crystals that might have been recycled from a sci-fi movie set, or with punk inspired studs and spikes, it's time to reconsider: no one said your unconventional ear jewelry had to be way out there. Not when a delicate, minimalist piece like this one does the work so subtly and so well. Designed by New York designer Pamela Love, this is the kind of piece you can get away with day or night: a simple sterling silver earrings connected to an upper-ear cuff by an elegant chain.

VAUGHAN Bettie shirt, Opening Ceremony sweater, Pamela Love earring & cuff, Gianvito Rossi leather booties, JCrew skirt.

What better way to give your classic white shirt that extra bit of attitude?

Add a pop of color - like this vibrant cobalt blue asymmetrical sweater and a gentle hint of metallic for an ultra-modern yet sophisticated look.

Lastly, choose a hairstyle that compliments the accessory. Go for a messy chignon, or leave the hair out with a deep side part, slicked back behing one ear to expose the cuff. And if you really want to make the whole thing effortless? Leave your hair (if it's long enough) nonchalantly tucked into the buttoned up collar of you shirt.

You now have cool-girl style down pat.

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