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To own a shade of blue: Yves Klein

The more you think about colors, the more they start to blow your mind. The spectrum of different shades is so vast it becomes near impossible to tell where one ends and one begins. Nature is filled with innumerable shades that we blanket with the word green, for example. And yet, for all the brilliant colors out there, it's impossible for our minds to conceive of an entirely new one that doesn't yet exist. Color is illusion, it is light; it makes life beautiful and can even change our moods.

Monochrome bleu sans titre (IKB 27), ca. 1957

Imagine having a color named after you - that would be something. Not many have the privilege, but French artist Yves Klein will eternally be linked to a particular blue. Also called International Klein Blue, it's an evocative, energetic, rich and fathomless color that's easy to recognize: it draws you in much like an endless expanse of sky.

Portrait of Yves Klein. Photographer unknown.

Yves Klein didn't invent the color, of course; nature did. But he is renowned for being the first to mix it into a form that could retain its vibrance and intensity in art. Developed in conjunction with chemists at a French pharmaceutical company, International Klein Blue was made from ultramarine pigment suspended in a special synthetic resin. Klein used it to create his "Blue Epoch" series of monochrome blue canvases, and the rest, as they say, is history. International Klein Blue is his lasting legacy, and a color that still pulls you into its otherworldly depths today.

Yves Klein blue is at the same time rich and slightly transparent, it almost looks neon. It's completely striking and pairs so beautifully with neutrals and primary colors alike. We absolutely fell in love with the shade and used it when designing the Cassie shirt. We love to showcase the brilliant hue with a snow white or light gray top. Stunning.

Wear Yves Klein blue now

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