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White shirt Wednesday: wedding winning

It isn't often that I remember a bride's wedding dress. Which isn't to say that I haven't seen some truly breathtaking brides. It's just that all of the frilly white tends to blend together after a point. So if we're not really remembering the bride's wedding dresses, how memorable can wedding guests' attire be? I'd venture to say "not very".

Until: Jenna Lyons at Solange's wedding.

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Oh hello, most glamorous wedding guest of all time.

Let's break this down. Jenna's rocking a white full length ostrich ball skirt. With a crisp white top, chunky gold bangles, her trademark nerd glasses and vintage looking fur casually draped over her shoulders. It takes some serious cajones to wear a full length white gown to someone else's wedding, but damn if she doesn't look amazing!

The super formal pieces are toned down by the plain white shirt and the whole effect is chic, chic, chic.

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Indeed, the whole affair was hyper-stylized. Yes, the wedding portrait was definitely pretentious but I just love that they took a bit of a risk and added some serious art direction to the photography.

It doesn't hurt that Solange had some pretty photogenic faces her her entourage.

Think you'd take the plunge? Here's how I'd play it:

Vintage mink coat, VAUGHAN white short sleeve Bettie shirt, DKNY peach feather skirt, Stella & Dot gold cuff, Louboutin haircalf leopard print pumps

 I just love the combination of these textures... silky mink, smooth silk, fluffy feathers, cool gold metal and sleek haircalf pumps. I'd pair with vintage glasses (and definitely stay away from black - too harsh).

...and you're party ready!

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  • That skirt is gorgeous, I love feathers.

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    xx, Jodi

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