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White shirt Wednesday: It's not complicated

Last week we showed you a very complicated way to do white shirt style. There was fur, there was leopard, there were a whole lotta feathers for cripe's sake. This post is a reminder that it can all be very simple:

Image via Who What Wear

Olivia Palermo looking very Oliviapalemo-y. Sleek blow out, perfectly pressed shirt, jeans that fit like a glove, and some really, really fab shoes (with matching nail polish!)

The easiest way to score this look is to just buy clothes that look great on you. Emphasis on YOU. Not crap "because it's cheap", not something that looks amazing on Taylor Swift (spoiler alert: everything). Just build a wardrobe of pieces that work really well with your coloring, your frame, and your lifestyle. Iron said fab pieces, spend 10 minutes extra on hair and makeup... and voila!

Being adorable and 100 lbs never hurt either...

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