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5 ways to mix prints with houndstooth

Timeless is a bit of an overworked word in fashion circles, but when it comes to a print like houndstooth, few others suffice. It’s a print that really does transcend seasons and eras and the fleeting trends that breeze in and out on a near-impossible-to-keep-up-with basis.

You can easily shine in classic houndstooth by pairing it with nothing but slick, solid black - but in the event that you feel like upping your print game to a higher level of complexity, the more fearless you choose to be, the better.

In celebration of our Cassie houndstooth bow blouse, here are 5 ways you can triumph in pattern mixing houndstooth like an expert.

Houndstooth + checks.
Houndstooth and classic checks are a match made in print heaven, so you don’t have to think twice about working the two together.  A grey or black-on-white check blazer over a houndstooth blouse is easy to pull off, and super effective. Bonus points if your check pattern incorporates a miniature houndstooth in its tessellated grid.

Houndstooth + animal print.
Spots of leopard, tooth of dog. There's a natural, animal-world affinity between these two print families, even if the combination might not immediately spring to mind. Match your animal prints roughly to the size of your houndstooth for maximum cohesion between prints. And while you can safely keep it all monochrome, it's not a requirement: if you're feeling bold, work a little color into your animal print for a more daring take.

Houndstooth + stripes.
Stripes in a complimentary color palette will befriend your houndstooth without a second thought - especially if the two prints are contrasting in size (for example, a thick, bold stripe with a smaller houndstooth). Layer a striped sweater over your houndstooth blouse, or pair the latter with a horizontal striped skirt. If you keep it in the same color family,  you can't go wrong.

Houndstooth + tartan.
Feeling adventurous? It may sound out-there, but these two prints are tied together by something irrevocably strong: tradition.

Both houndstooth and classic colored tartan hark back to the misty moors of Scotland, so together they find a kind of harmony. If you do go this path, keep the rest simple.

Houndstooth + houndstooth.
We're not into laying down rules, but if there's a guideline for mixing houndstooth on houndstooth it's simply this: add contrast by going for different sizes. You can also mix up colors, if you feel so bold. But at the simplest, a monochrome outfit of small houndstooth against a larger one will always look chic - and with minimal effort.

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