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Style icon: the exotic beauty, Bianca Jagger

Bianca Jagger could truly rock a pant suit. The woman had confidence, style, and - rather poetically - swagger, and all of it in spades. The 1970s was her heyday, when her exotic Nicaraguan beauty caught the eye of Mick Jagger and an unimaginably glamorous - albeit doomed - marriage ensued. Maybe the world just wasn't ready for so much stylish as oozed from those two put together.

Bianca Jagger wore gold lame, turbans, furs, gloves, draping Grecian dresses, and headpieces that would make Lady Gaga cry. And she did it all with infallible taste, elegant lavishness, and an aura of unattainability. It's no wonder she chose to celebrate her 30th birthday by riding into Studio 54 on a white horse: like Lady Godiva, she was as good as legend.

To have the moves like Jagger (Bianca, that is) you should jetset around in a cloud of mystery, never hesitate in your style choices, gravitate towards the most luxurious fabrics, and, if possible, have bronzed skin and shining hair at all times. Failing that, a white YSL pant suit and silk blouse will surely do the trick.

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