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How to look ultra effortless: the shirt half-tuck

Oh, how the little things can make a colossal difference! Who’d have thought that the way you tuck in your shirt could totally transform your look? All in (polished, professional) or all out (casual, care-free)? Or perhaps, somewhere in between?

A half-tuck is nonchalance personified. It’s cool-factor meets confidence. And there’s more than one way to do it. Here are two.

The front tuck in the wild

The front tuck.

Tidy in front, casual in the back. This look is perfect for giving a little definition to your silhouette while still keeping it casual. A curved shirttail makes the front tuck even easier to do: simply tuck the front half of the shirt in, then loosen it a bit so it hangs a little over your waistband. It works best if you taper the tuck slightly to be tighter at the front and center and more loose at the sides. Leave the back untucked completely. For added effortlessness, roll back your shirt sleeves and keep the top few buttons undone.

The ultra cool half tuck

The half front tuck.
If there's such a thing as high-impact effortlessness, than this would have to be it. The simple act of tucking in one front section of your shirt and not the other is like wearing a sign that says you're so cool you don't even care if you're cool or not. And that in itself means you're most definitely cool. It's easy to do: unbutton your shirt from where it meets your waistband down to the bottom. Then casually tuck one side in and leave the other nonchalantly hanging out. It works with everything from skinny jeans to billowing wide-leg pants to beg-baring mini skirts a la Parisienne chic.


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