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White shirt Wednesday: the winter doldrums of dressing

Guys, mid-winter dressing is NOT the most exciting. I just came back from Maine and New York and let me tell you, the silk blouse + cashmere sweater + statement necklace formula got old fast. By mid January, you have probably exhausted all of your favorite party gear but you're not quite ready to repeat your new acquisitions.

So what to do? Over the next few weeks, my White shirt Wednesdays will be dedicated to you, dwellers of frigid climates. I must admit that I sometimes complain about Singapore's constant heat and humidity and as a New Years resolution, I promise to give that up. Until June.

This week's inspiration comes from the Dries Van Noten Fall '13 collection.

I'm going to call this look "The NYE Leftovers".

True, we're 14 days into 2015, but wear this and it will look like you never stopped celebrating. One can only imagine the slinky top you were wearing until your beaux generously lent you a crisp new shirt. Perhaps a diamond collar as well. 

To get recreate this amazing ensemble, grab your most extravagant harem pants, a white Hepburn in size large, thrust your hands in your pockets, don your best IDGAF expression and march on.

You might wonder "what the heck kind of jacket do I wear with THAT?" Well, you've got options.  Go with a chunky cashmere knit for a cool and laid back look, an extravagant shearling to really show you really don't GAF or take a cue from Van Noten and go matchy-matchy with this amazing be-tassled topper.

Just skip the open toe sandals. Because that would be ridiculous.

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