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Styling your inner ice princess

You might be buried under snow today, you may have only received a dusting, I wouldn't know about either because I'm sitting pretty in sunny Singapore. But regardless of which hemisphere you find yourself in today, this white shirt Wednesday is for you.

For the actually-cold-as-ice-queens

What really kills me about cold weather dressing is the monotony of wearing the same old dreary colors day in and out. Never mind that all anyone can see is your coat and well-worn snow boots. Well, if you're like me, you're more than ready to break out Spring's pastels. Don't let a small thing like freezing temps stop you! Here's how to style your inner ice princess for frigid temps.

From your winter closet, take out a snow white coat, your most favorite snow boots and some fuzzy accessories.  From your spring wardrobe, take a white silk shirt, pastel jeans and rose colored glasses (both literally and figuratively). Top with diamonds and cashmere as necessary.

Pictured: VAUGHAN white silk shirt, Helmut Lang fur trimmed coat, Joseph stretch denim leggings, acid green Moon Boots, FINDS + Charlotte Simone bon-bon shoulder bag, Marc Jacobs beanie, Tom Ford sunnies.

For the faux-snow-princesses

Equally, it's nice to wear something other than a summer dress or hippie pants (I know, I know, posh problems). But seriously, sometimes I ache to wear layers. A VAUGHAN shirt and slim boyfriend jeans provide an easy foundation to build upon. A pastel leather jacket is a perfect layering piece, it's slim and inconspicuous and looks a lot more sleek than some nubby cardigan.

If you insist on wearing fur in the tropics, at least show you're in on the joke and make your fur a monster. I love the monochromatic, icy color pallet of blue, black and white. So much more sophisticated than the tropical prints we love so much.

Pictured: VAUGHAN silk blouse, IRO leather jacket, Rag & Bone jeans, Alexander McQueen sandals, Joanna Pybus faux fur clutch, Spektre matte acetate sunnies

Throw this on and head to the nearest coldest mall.

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