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White shirt Wednesday gets romantic

Yes, it's almost Valentine's Day, a seemingly polarizing day that either makes you cringe or is one you look forward to all month. I totally get that the saccharine sweet buildup gets a bit nauseating, but I am all for celebrating. The key is just finding a way to make it yours. Want to deck yourself tulle and lace and drape yourself in Charlotte Olympia's most whimsical accessories? Lovely. Would you prefer to curl up with some girlfriends, drink a good Scotch and watch horror movies? Fantastic. You do you.

The point is, it's a day about love. So either take a little time to love the people around you, or show yourself a little love.

Personally, I'm planning a day that falls somewhere in the middle. I'll take my husband and the #milkman on a date in the afternoon (dim sum, botanic garden and ice cream - holler!). Yes, I'm sure I'll wear pink and or some sort of lace concoction but it's more about having some time with the people I care about. I do think it's nice to make a bit of an extra effort for the holiday, and why not?

With that said, in honor of Valentines Day (or VD to some), today's white shirt Wednesday has a bit of a sweet side, but it's fair to say we've made it our own.

I adore a good lace skirt, but I loathe the princessy look, so I like to find a way to tone it down a bit. A clean white shirt is the perfect option, it's classic and uncomplicated. But since I don't want to look corporate, I'm going to leave it half unbuttoned and let a sweet little cami show through. I'm also into mega accessories like an emerald green stole (this particular option is faux), leopard calfhair pumps and a chunky rose gold cuff.

A perfect look for Valentine's Day, romantic and glamorous without draping oneself in clichés.

Pictured: Blumarine macrame lace skirt (similar here), Maurices silver lace bralette, VAUGHAN silk shirt, Christian Louboutin calfhair pumps, Accessorize faux fur stole, David Yurman cuff.

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  • You’re so right about a clean white shirt. Travels anywhere, night or day and can be dressed up or down.


    janine claire on