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Unbuttoned with E! fashion contributor Melissa Garcia

After speaking with many entrepreneurs, I occasionally notice some commonalities, even from those in completely different industries.  Several have told me that they started their new business and "didn't know what they didn't know". In retrospect, they realize their decision to launch their businesses was incredibly bold and maybe even wonder if they would have done it again, now knowing what they didn't know.

Luckily, what they also have in common is killer instincts and today's Unbuttoned with feature is no different. With no formal training, Melissa Garcia has become a true fashion force.  Keep reading for more, in Melissa's own words...

"I am married to my high school sweetheart, a mom of 3 delicious kids and a former attorney who after practicing law for 10 very long and miserable years left it all behind to follow my dreams in fashion and styling. I am now an E! fashion contributor, on-air fashion correspondent (most recently appearing on the TODAY Show) and a celeb stylist.

When I resigned and dove into this new career I didn’t have any formal training/schooling in the field. I have instincts and believe in them. I started off helping women go through their closets so they can get rid of things they don’t need, breathe new life into the things they already have and then help them enhance their personal style.  And from that, it all just started to fall into place to bring me to where I am now...and I am only getting started.  I'm not going to lie, some days are tough but I remind myself, 'I didn't come this far to only come this far!'"

Unbuttoned with Melissa Garcia
Style icon: Omg I have so many!  Victoria Beckham, Olivia Palermo, Tash Sefton, Nicole Richie, Emma Stone…I could go on and on
Favorite heroine: My grandmother
Dream lunch date: Leslie Mann – I am obsessed with her!
Favorite cliché: You never get a second chance to make a first impression
Personal motto: They tend to change depending on the stage of life I am in but right now it is “I didn’t come this far to only come this far!”
Idea that changed your life: What has definitely changed my life the most and in the best way possible was having my 3 delicious kids.  In my career though, the idea that changed my life was that I was not married to my career, I just had to take a huge leap of faith and follow my dreams.
Always trying to improve: Keeping my house organized!  With 3 kids ages 10 and under and 2 working parents it typically looks like a tornado went through the house when we leave in the morning.
Most envious of: I can’t say that I envy anyone.  I am definitely inspired by many but never envious.  I truly believe we all have our own unique purpose and should all strive to be the best version of ourselves.
Most inspired by: So many people inspire me in so many different ways; it’s so hard for me to choose just one.   
Fashion item you would ban: The scrunchie….but you never know; if mom jeans can make a comeback maybe the scrunchie can too!
Favorite piece in your wardrobe: This changes OFTEN but right now it’s my Jocelyn fingerless fur mittens.  It’s so cold in NY now! I never take them off.
Biggest extravagance: Shoes
Can’t bare to spend on: Bags. At this stage in my life, as a mommy with 3 kids, I am often carrying drinks and snacks.  My bags get trashed!  My youngest is 4 ½, I am guessing when she is close to 5 or 6 I will finally splurge on an insane bag…my eye is on Celine.
Irrational fear of: Getting my blood pressure taken
Brains or beauty: Brains…hands down.  Where I thought that being an attorney would hurt me in this industry it has actually helped me immensely!
Audrey or Katharine Hepburn:  Katharine Hepburn
Jennifer Lopez or Lawrence: Jennifer Lopez
    Diamonds or pearls: DIAMONDS!
I'd venture to say that Ms Garcia has nailed both brains AND beauty, something we certainly admire! Thank you for participating in Unbuttoned, Melissa!

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