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Friday finds: Peter Thomas Roth BB Blur Cream

Image: Peter Lindbergh/Harper's Bazaar

If you’re at all into following beauty trends, you’re surely well aware that the no-makeup-makeup trend is in full force. Again.

I have to say I have mixed emotions on this front.

For starters, I truly loathe the overdone look. Perfectly painted lips, multi-colored contoured eyes and ringlet curls belong on dolls, not women. It’s not sophisticated and it’s not interesting.

But with that said “no makeup” is a look best left to two types of women. The first being the few girls in their early twenties who actually take care of their skin, go to bed early, don’t tan, and don’t drink. No one we want to be friends with for sure. The other camp would be impeccably cool Europeans (looking at you, Caroline de Maigret). You know, the perennially well dressed, impossibly thin types who surely have just rolled out of bed after a night of excesses and look phenomenal. 

The last time I went sans-makeup was when I missed a gym session to take my son to a last minute sick-child pediatrician visit. His doctor commended me on my “bravery” for leaving the house barefaced. Yeesh.  That does not sound like a compliment I want to receive twice.

So what are the mere mortals to do?

Well first off, I’d really have a think about whether or not this is an avenue we even want to even go down. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of following trends, especially in beauty. (Exhibit A.)

Pictured: Clinique chubby stick, Maybelline Great Lash, Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat, Cle de Peau Concealer, Peter Thomas Roth BB Blue, good ole ChapStick.

If you want to soldier on, I’d go more for toned down, or natural makeup instead of “no makeup”. My most favorite product to get this effect is the Peter Thomas Roth BB Blur Cream Beauty Balm.  It’s a lightly tinted BB cream (with SPF, horray!) that’s meant to “blur” any imperfections and leaves skin slightly dewy and somehow much better.

Next, I’d dab a bit of concealer at the inner eye. (That’s my official advice. In practice, I slather the stuff over my whole under eye.) The cheekbones can be highlighted to further brighten those peepers. You can also try a creamy shadow stick, I like that they leave a subtle little sheen without imparting much color.

Lastly, sweep on a bit of Maybelline’s famous Great Lash mascara (hi Mom!) and classic black Chapstick. These are two of my childhood Christmas stocking staples. While I can’t say I ever truly adopted the mascara, I really adore that classic black Chapstick. It’s a beauty trick I got from my Grandpa and I suspect it will be a lifelong favorite.

With any luck, the final product should look a little something like this:

Image via Huffington Post.

God bless you, Rosie.


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