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White shirt Wednesday, a nod to 70s style

Unless you’ve been living under a sartorial rock, you’ve surely noticed that 70s inspired styling is making a major comeback.

I am definitely a major fan of this trend, especially because it is something that can easily be personalized to suit your own style and tastes. Whether you choose a subtle nod to the 70s with a classic shirt tucked into high waisted jeans, or you go full on disco glam goddess there will be something for everyone.

The look is also ultra flattering. Between the natural looking makeup, forgiving trousers, long midi skirts and blown out hair I think we’ll all be saying “yes please”.

Even better, 70s inspired styling translates well for both the office and after hours. Tailored jackets, shirts and trousers look amazing in the work place of course, but ditch a few buttons and you’ll have a seriously sexy post-eight-pm look.

For today’s white shirt Wednesday, we’re going to tackle daytime 70s inspired styling, but with one major caveat: it’s gotta look cool and modern. The last thing anyone wants is to look too vintage, as if you just stepped out of a time capsule (also huge in the 70s) and plopped yourself in 2015 without a clue what the heck the Internet is and using terms like “far out”.

Yes, it has to be wearable and you have to look like yourself. This is definitely a less-is-more moment.

Pictured: VAUGHAN white silk blouse, DSquared2 suede jacket, Frame Denim high rise flare jeans, Marc Jacobs fringe boots (on sale!), Chloé Drew shoulder bag, Linda Farrow gold plated (!!) aviators.

It’s actually super easy, to the point that we can make it formulaic. So here it is, 7 steps to 70s inspired day time dressing:

  1. Choose your top. Options include a cool fitted tee shirt, a pussybow blouse, an open neck button down blouse or a slinky camisole.
  2. Consider skipping your bra. Or at least going with a sheer little bralette.
  3. Slide into some wide leg / flare trousers or possibly a midi skirt.
  4. If you have a nice slim waist to show off, tuck your top in.
  5. If it’s still a bit nippy outside, slip on a hip length duster or trench. A word of caution: if your topper is very 70s looking, you’ll need to tone down the accessories to avoid looking like the aforementioned time capsule transplant.
  6. Throw on some heels or sneakers. We’re living in very exciting times where almost every type of shoe is very much in style. Follow your bliss.
  7. Choose a few key accessories. I like gold chains or chokers or a bag with a subtle 70s nod, you can try a bit of fringe or suede in moderation. If your other accessories are pretty laid back, go for major Mrs Doubtfire style oversized sunnies. Otherwise, stick to aviators.

That’s it! You’re all set to go, you groovy little thing.

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