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Unbuttoned with Erica Harriss of Saving Grace

There's truly nothing better than fresh-from-the-salon hair. The volume! The shine! The lovely fragrance! The fact that you're finally FINALLY out of that damn chair!

I absolutely adore going to my outrageously overpriced salon. My sweetheart of a stylist brings me a latte and the spends the next hour telling me how fabulous I am. I can catch up on some of my favorite glossies and get my nails done.

But about 20 minutes in, I always start to feel like a prisoner. There's about 30 other much more important matters that need my attention. Now.

For this reason I tend to stretch the time between appointments. Massive understatement… I pretty much wait until the week before I am about to see my mother/mother-in-law because I know they're the only two honest enough to call me out on my shabby locks. By the time I finally make it to the salon my roots are usually dusted with baby powder, designed to hide both greasiness and my dark roots. I'll tell you right now that dusty white roots don't actually look any better than the greasy dark ones.

Which is why I was so excited to hear Erica Harriss' story. She's the genius behind Saving Grace Hair, a beauty product designed to cover roots and absorb oil.  Here's Erica's story, in her own words:

"I’m Erica Harriss, and I've been a SAHM for nearly the last 10 years. A thirty-something wife to Jeff, and mother to Ryan (9), Julia (7) and Emerson (3). That last role also entitles me to claim expertise as a problem solver, short order cook, tantrum diffuser, story teller and mess cleaner-upper. When I’m not busy doing those activities, I enjoy playing tennis, eating ice cream, traveling, boating, taking mission trips, reading,surveying fashion trends, organizing clutter, people watching, and I am a lover of yoga pants.

I've always had a big entrepreneurial spirit. However, as any mom knows, having young ones at home does not allow for much free time to pursue those passions. Many of my ideas were also very large in scope. That is, until I
 came up with an idea for a hair product about 18 months ago. This product
 would absorb oil and cover roots, allowing busy women more time 
between shampooing and salon visits.

I have a passion for people, and investing in peoples lives. I’m convinced
 we spend far too much of our most valuable resource - time - doing 
fruitless activities. Did you know that women on average spend 1.5 years 
of their lifetimes doing their hair? That’s 14,000 hours spent brushing, washing, drying, curling, straightening
 and cutting. I’d much rather be hanging out with a girlfriend spending 
that time over coffee than with a blowdryer in my hand! Out of this angst,
 the idea for Saving Grace Hair Powder was conceived.

Slowly, during nap time and after the 
little ones were asleep, I worked on my idea, stalked beauty counters, and
 consulted a chemist. In 2014, I launched Saving Grace Beauty, LLC.


Most girls I know have at one point dreamed of snapping their fingers and being instantly ready. Saving Grace Hair Powder helps make that dream a little closer to a reality! I'm by nature a problem solver. (To clarify: I HATE puzzles. I LOVE helping people and making life easier). The idea for this product came out of the desire to solve a problem.  Because I'm not a chemist, or mathematically inclined in any way (I'm struggling helping my 4th grader with fractions these days!) I read as much as I could understand trying to figure out the way different minerals and materials would react in hair to solve two problems: oil and pesky growing out roots/gray. I stalked makeup counters and talked to the people working them. My concept was very well received, so I realized it wasn't only a product that I would be very excited to purchase.  When the chemistry part of the equation became too much for me, I consulted a chemist and asked a million questions.  I ordered product, and started mixing in my kitchen.  I'd pass out samples to moms at the bus stop, girls at church, and anyone who seemed remotely interested, and asked them in return to please give me their honest opinion and ideas for improvement"

I have not yet tried Erica's product, but I am certainly excited to. On behalf of busy women everywhere, THANK YOU.

Unbuttoned with...Erica Harriss, Saving Grace Beauty Founder

Style icon: Grace Kelly
Favorite heroine: Pollyanna (because the "Glad Game" never gets old!) Hayley Mills
Dream lunch date: would most definitely be served oceanside on a humidity-free sunny day
Favorite cliche: When you have lemons, make lemonade
Personal motto: Let your light shine. Matthew 5:16
Idea that changed your life: Saving Grace Hair Powder
Always trying to improve: Being on time and getting more sleep
Most envious of: People who can make it through the day without copious amounts of caffeine!
Most inspired by: Jesus...and the true eternal lasting grace and salvation he shows us.  Because the Saving Grace Hair Powder will only get ya through the day!
Fashion item you would ban: Scrunchies.They make a tacky bracelet, and you don't have to have a bad hairdo even on days you didn't want to wash.
Favorite piece in your wardrobe: Diamond stud earrings.  They match everything and are timeless! They were also a gift from my husband after giving birth to our daughter, so they hold a special sentimental value.
Biggest extravagance: Vacations - we like to travel..and often.  Grandma always says "Go when you're young and able!" and we're taking that advice to heart!
Can't bare to spend on: overnight shipping. Patience is a virtue.  I can wait an extra 72 hours..usually! =)
Irrational fear of: losing a close friend or family member, or someone getting seriously injured. Those close to me will sometimes just send me a quick "hi" text and it gives me crazy reassurance all is okay! I clearly watch too much Dateline and 48 Hours!
Brains or Beauty: Both..although beauty is so much more than skin deep, right?!
Audrey or Katharine Hepburn: Audrey
Jennifer Lopez or Lawrence: both amazing strong women, but I relate more to Lawrence...I've had my share of "ungraceful moments"!  At my high school prom I was backing up and tripped over my hoop skirt and couldn't recover from it. My friends are still teasing me about that visual of me on the ground humongous hoops and my legs in the air! Another time, at a school performance, I was sitting on the end of the riser and went to scoot my chair just the slightest bit to the left to give the person next to me more space, and I scooted right off the platform just in time for the lights to come up!
Diamonds or pearls: Yes please, lots of both!

Other favorite quotes: 20 years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than the things you did do. - Mark Twain

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  • I won’t talk about the hoop skirt here ;) but will say I love Saving Grace and I’m so proud of my friend for following her dream!

    Katie on