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Unbuttoned with Artist Annika Connor

Photo by: Rob Northway

Many of our previous Unbuttoned With subjects have been entrepreneurs and self-starters within the fashion industry. As a bit of a change, I'm very pleased to introduce Annika Connor, a Brooklyn-based contemporary painter.

I have a tremendous respect for professional artists. It took me a long time to quit my day job in order to become a professional "creative". Of course success comes from what we are passionate about, but it's easy to get caught up taking the "safe" options.

Connor is a Contemporary Romantic painter. Her work depicts a sense of haunted mystery and a fascination with beauty. Overall, her
paintings read as fragments from a daydream and portray a longing for lost fantasy and abundant pleasure.

Although her work varies greatly in subject, it retains a fascinating balance between vibrant color and a sleek, cold mysterious feel. I almost feel her pieces would make excellent book covers because I want to know more about each scene. I want to dive into the story.

Connor has worked professionally as a painter in New York, London, Stockholm and participated in numerous national and international exhibitions. Annika is Swedish-American; she currently resides in Brooklyn where she maintains an active studio.

In addition to her work in the studio, Connor is also heavily involved in sustaining the art community in which she creates. As a supporter of the art she admires, Connor is the Owner/President of AI Productions, an emerging corporation whose mission is to serve the artistic community by facilitating the presence and publication of young talented artists and educating the public about their work.
Undressed with Annika Connor
Style icon: Marilyn Monroe
Favorite heroine: Anne of Green Gables
Dream lunch date: Waterside table at the Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc
Favorite cliché: Actions speak louder then words.
Personal motto: Never put off till tomorrow what you can get done today.
Idea that changed your life: "A wise man will make more opportunities then he finds" -Francis Bacon
Always trying to improve: My paintings
Most envious of: People who can sing (I can't carry a tune to save my life)
Most inspired by: Old Master paintings and the beauty of daily life
Fashion item you would ban: The beard craze/lumberjack look for men
Favorite piece in your wardrobe: Any of my polo/derby hats (I have a very large hat collection welcome any excuse to wear one of my fabulous Summer hats)
Biggest extravagance: The time I spontaneously flew to Mustique for the Blues Fest at Basil's bar.
Can’t bare to spend on: Late fees or bank fees, I find them to be such a waste of money. So even though I am not the most organized person, I have always tried my best to be on top of my finances to avoid any unnecessary payments.
Irrational fear of: Scary movies. I have such an over active imagination that I get completely silly after watching a horror film.
Brains or beauty: Both!
Audrey or Katharine Hepburn: Both!
Jennifer Lopez or Lawrence: Lopez
Diamonds or pearls: Diamonds (unless of course the pearls are Mikimoto)

Self portraits by Annika Connor

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