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White shirt Wednesday: day time glam

90% of the time, I’m all about understated elegance.  Simple, well-made basics paired with amazing accessories and neutral makeup. Not a whole lot of bling, wearing obvious brands or high maintenance fuss.

But of course, there’s at other 10% of my days where I want something a little more. Maybe it’s a fabulous day time party, maybe I won’t have time to change for the evening, maybe I’m just feeling like it.

For those occasions, I almost always reach for a great skirt. Somehow skirts always feel more interesting as there’s more creativity afforded than dresses but they’re still more formal than trousers.

What makes a great skirt? Sometimes it’s an beautiful silhouette but I tend to gravitate towards an amazing print or luxurious fabric. Think metallics, lace or leather.

It’s easy to write off metallic skirts as being “too much”. For most women, styling such a bold piece isn’t always obvious and can quickly border on trampy.

Except of course, with the perfect white shirt.

The humble white shirt knocks the bold skirt down just enough to make it both versatile and almost effortless.

Exhibit A:

Image via PopSugar

Certainly the more low key of the two looks, I love that what is a trashy-on-paper item, the gold leather skirt, looks seriously refined with a classic white blouse. This could almost be considered work appropriate which is a pretty amazing feat for a gold leather skirt.

Image via FashionsPassion

Exhibit B is much more... MORE. Mira Duma looks positively regal with her emerald green, gold and white shirt combo. Not for necessarily novices, but this is a fantastic look. I love that she's prim and proper (and more princess like than Kate Middleton on a good day) from the neck down, but then manages to look completely adorable with braids piled on top of her head. The white shirt keeps her looking crisp and polished, but again, less formal.

God I love this woman!

What about you? How are you styling your shirt/skirt combos?


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