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White shirt Wednesday with lotsa layers

In Singapore the weather fluctuates very little, mostly from very hot to scorching hot. Of course, it always feels too hot, but we are quickly reminded how spoiled we are as soon as we travel abroad. (I knew something was up when I found myself freeezzing in Phuket). It certainly presents a bit of a conundrum, especially when traveling to some place that is actually cold.

I'm in Columbus, Ohio today where everyone has declared that it's Spring and of course I'm absolutely freezing with very few wardrobe choices as I've long disposed of most of my sensible East Coast Girl clothes.

Luckily, it's all good. There's squillions of ways to layer which will not only keep me warm but the layers also add a lot of interest to my favorite basics. A great example is this street style snap of Aimee Song.

Okay, maybe she doesn't look warm but it's an awfully good start. Naturally, the foundation is a great white shirt and a pair of leather trousers. Preppy and edgy at the same time, an ideal combo. Then she's added a little patterned blazer for some nice texture and of course an added layer. To top it all off, a tweed overcoat draped around the shoulders adds even more texture and yes, some warmth. Pair with a studded shoe and a bright bag and it's instant #ootd material.

If you're a warm weather wimp like me, you can easily add a lightweight sweater, warm scarf, beanie, and gloves while still looking amazing. Still cold? Swap the blazer for a fur jacket (faux or otherwise).

Piling on lightweight layers is also a great way to transition between seasons at home. Once you're ready to ditch the nubby sweaters, bust out the spring wardobe! It's super easy to add or remove pieces as temps change and the whole package will be amazingly on-trend.


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