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A classic white shirt for 6 of our favorite Mad (wo)Men

"If you want to be taken seriously, stop dressing like a little girl." - Joan Holloway

Good news! Our favorite drama is back and of course we're aching to know what's going to happen to Don, how Megan is faring in California and what the heck is going on with little Sally Draper. But it's 1969 and we're thisclose to the 70s and fashion is getting so good.

We couldn't help but imagine how each of our favorite women would wear one of our classic shirts.

Betty Draper Frances, the sulky suburbanite

You know Betty's always turned out. She's going to have her lipstick applied perfectly and she wouldn't dream of leaving the house without her handbag and shoes matching. The mopey housewife can afford the best and we imagine that she's got a penchant for Italian designers, especially given her time spent as a model in Europe.

Here she's decked in a lovely Dolce skirt, perfect for Lunch (with a capital L). Of course she'll need her oversized sunnies to mask her ennui and the cigarettes give her something to do.

Pictured: Vintage pearl button earrings, Linda Farrow cat eye glasses, Ben-Amun pearl necklace, VAUGHAN Hepburn shirt in Lion in Winterlace gloves, Dolce & Gabbana floral skirt, Saint Laurent pumpssheer pantyhose, Dolce & Gabbana small Sicily tote

Sally Draper, fourteen going on twenty-five

Little Sally Draper's not so little any more. She's had some major in-house fashion inspiration in the form of Megan. While we're not sure she's ready for Megan's louche LA wardrobe, we'd bet she's ditched Betty's cotton frocks in favor or something more daring. Remember last season's white go-go boots?

But of course, she's still a child. She may be wearing a mini so short it makes Don cringe, but it will be paired with a more conservative top. And while her handbag definitely contains a pack of Betty's cigarettes, I bet we'd find a couple of text books in there too.

Pictured: Blue headband, VAUGHAN Hepburn shirt in Lion in Winter, Kenzo twill skirt, Prada ankle boots, Essence lipstick, New Look satchel

Peggy Olsen, the anti-fashion girl

Ah, Peggy. She's gone from a dowdy secretary to polished creative director but she can never really escape that Ugly Duckling reputation, can she?

Peggy's never going to be known for her fashion choices but we're okay with that because she makes major waves on other fronts. She's stuck somewhere between the Suits and the Youth; recognizing shifts in popular culture while not always going along with them.

Although, she is picking up a little habit that cannot be mentioned here in Singapore but might help her, erm, loosen up a bit. Let's keep her away from Sally, shall we?

Pictured: Carolee button stud earrings, Lanvin scarf, VAUGHAN Bettie shirt in Stark Naked White, Topshop midi skirt, Sarah Flint pumps, Chanel lipstick, Aspinal of London clutch

Megan Draper, bicostal babe

Megan's style is by far the most exciting. She's young enough to look amazing in everything, wealthy enough to afford the best and as an actress she doesn't have to abide by office protocol. We also get to see her looking sleek in NYC and laid back in LA.

We'd love to see her in some Pucci print pants by the pool during the day. Hair not done? No sweat. She'll tie on a headscarf or turban enroute to the salon and still manage to look amazing. And her oversize sunglasses will cover a lot - from jetlag to late nights.

Pictured: Alex silk turban, oversized sunnies (similar here), VAUGHAN Bettie shirt in Stark Naked White, Pucci wide leg pants, Michael Kors platform sandals, Sophie Hulme tote bag, Lancome 24 hour liquid liner

Joan Holloway, entrepreneurial bookkeeper come vixen

You guys, Joan is sexxxy. And a little bit flashy. And completely take-no-prisioners all-business. And for that, we completely adore her.

Since becoming Partner at the firm (and a millionaire!) her style hasn't exactly changed but her wardrobe has definitely become a whole lot more luxurious. And expensive. Hello, Oscar de la Renta ostrich trim cocktails dress!

She certainly loves her pussybow shirts and of course manages to make them completely va-va-voom! We'd imagine her in our Cassie shirt paired with vibrant red and some incredible shoes.

Pictured: Oscar de la Renta earrings, VAUGHAN Cassie pussybow shirt in Pure White, Nina Ricci pencil skirt, Louboutin pumps, McQueen satin clutch, Yves Saint Laurent lipstick

Jane Siegal, dazzling divorcée

Jane is not divorced. She is a divorcée. And she is just beyond...

True, she had a short-lived arc on Mad Men, but fashion-wise she was hands-down my favorite. We'll consider her inclusion in this list as a little bonus.

She started out as Don's cute little secretary with her bouncy hair and low cut blouses. After marrying Roger Sterling she morphed into a full on glamazon fashion plate with her mod little dresses and over the top bling than would make a Saudi princess do a double take.

She did not just wake up like this, she worked very, very hard. And the effect is very, very good.

Pictured: Jennifer Behr headpiece, diamond drop earrings and choker, VAUGHAN Bettie shirt in Stark Naked White, Rochas skirt, Stuart Weitzman nudist shoe, Judith Leiber clutch, various drugs

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    Beauty Follower on

  • I love the selection, especially the third one ! I would totally wear it daily !


    Kadi LV on

  • The third outfit is for sure my favorite! But love all of the green accents in the first one :)

    Hayley Larue on