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Co-what-a? 5 alterntives to hitting Coachella.

It's Coachella weekend and from reading various blogs and social media, you'd think that 99% of the planet were going. Spoiler alert: most people are, in fact, NOT going.

IMHO, the hype around any festival is pretty cringe-worthy. The weird festival outfits, the not-so-sanitary facilities, and the general cooler-than-thou vibe come to mind. Maybe I'm just an Old but there's not much that sounds appealing.

If you did want to go, please allow me to paint your silver lining with 5 alternatives to hitting Coachella this weekend:

1. They've got: The Music, man

You've got: The music, man!

Good news, much of the lineup is conveniently located on Spotify. Click here and enjoy the official 2018 Coachella playlist. Twelve hours and twenty five minutes, no delays, no waiting, no tangential rants by artists. Just the music.

2. They've got: dance partyyyyyyyy!

You've got: an in-house dance party

I feel ya on this point. Sometimes a girl just needs a good dance party. However, you do not need to travel thousands of miles to do so. Did you know that Coachella has a silent dance party and a bad dancing dance party?

I do both of these things daily. You should too.

3. They've got: waking up god-knows-where

You've got: home sweet home. Bonus points for freshly laundered sheets. If you're my sister, they'll probably smell like lavender. Bliss!

4. They've got: festival style

You've got: actual style

I'm always slightly horrified by supposed "festival style". It just looks so bad and unnatural. What's the scenario? You book tickets and show up looking like a completely different person than the other 363 days of the year?

This weekend, take that $430 you might have spent on a ticket and get something that makes you feel fabulous. An amazing gold plated headband, a luxe silk shirt (ahem), perfectly fitting denim and the highest heels you can find. No need to worry about sinking into the grass for you!

5. They've got: surprisingly good F&B

You've got: really good F&B

Mid-week I tend to really watch my diet so I don't mind a bit of monotony on the F&B front. But on the weekends I do like to make a bit of extra effort. Tonight for example, I'm having Mexican chicken soup, served up with some good old fashioned chips and guac and Estrella Damm Inedit beer. 

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  • @sonia – thanks babes! couldn’t agree more :)

    lindsay @ vaughan on

  • Oh man, I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard all day! I remember being so enthralled with this festival, hearing all about the music and experience. That was a few years back and though I still haven’t managed to make it, I have to admit I don’t really care anymore. It’s become this trendy costume party, more about selfies and less about the actual music. I feel like I am way too old now to attend too, like it’s run by 17 year olds who look 25.


    sonia // daring coco on