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Unbuttoned with career expert Jill Jacinto

Besides the fact we share an alma mater, my favorite thing about Jill is that she's found a way to parlay her curious nature into a career that helps other women become successful in the workplace. Meet Jill Jacinto, a journalist who specializing in career advice for women. Her advice has appeared on Refinery29, Yahoo! Finance, MSN, The Financial Times, Bloomberg Radio, Cosmo for Latina, Business Insider and Men's Health. We are now very honored to have Jill tell us a little about herself. In her own words:

"I’m curious by nature. I ask a lot of questions and often have my nose buried in a newspaper, book or blog. I’m always the first person to say, “Let’s Google it.” My curiosity led me to become a journalism major and from there an on-air reporter for the financial news website,  Minyanville.

I currently am the Associate Director of Editorial & Communications for WORKS, which is a lifestyle brand that helps young professional women with their career success. I am also the millennial career expert for Aol Jobs and a millennial ambassador for the Bentley PrepardU Project. Helping young women discover their career dreams via writing, mentoring & profile makeovers is a passion of mine. Uncovering their desired careers and helping them succeed is very rewarding.

A friend brought me to Career Expert Nicole Williams’ book tour. After hearing her speak, I became completely inspired by her powerful presence and message. I was working as an on-air reporter for a financial news site, Minyanville, at the time. While I loved the journalism aspect, after three years I realized I was not passionate about the markets, ETF’s or bailouts. I was passionate about helping young women like myself unearth their true career passion, tell their story, and also learn how to master their hard earned savings. As luck would have it – that same friend who brought me to the WORKS event, forwarded me an email about a job opening with WORKS. I was tasked with writing a business proposal. I spent the next 48 hours holed up in my room – connecting with anyone I knew with business advice and then working on my idea. I submitted a partnership idea I had with LinkedIn. I got the job a few weeks later. Unbeknownst to me (since it was under embargo) I found out WORKS had a partnership with LinkedIn.
Like many women, – I suffered from the imposter syndrome when I was just starting out in my career. I was nervous at first to start dispensing my career advice. For one, it was hard to call myself a writer (even though that’s what it had always said on my business cards) and secondly, I didn’t think I had a right to dispense the advice. My boss, Nicole Williams helped guide, train and encourage me along the way. She always pushed, supported and helped me grow into my role at WORKS."
Unbuttoned with Jill Jacinto
Style icon: Kate Middleton
Favorite heroine: DVF
Dream lunch date: Balthazar/Ippudo
Favorite cliché: Fake it til you make it.
Personal motto: There are no coincidences. Make something of every opportunity in front of you.
Idea that changed your life: Knowing that my voice, opinion, experience and expertise can make a difference in someone else’s career.
Always trying to improve: My grammar.
Most envious of: Mindy Kaling
Most inspired by: Barbara Walters
Fashion item you would ban: Harem pants
Favorite piece in your wardrobe: am obsessed with this white textured blazer I got from Beijing last year. Whenever I have a big meeting, speaking event or presentation I put it on and feel instantly prepared.
Biggest extravagance: My black Prada work bag. It was worth every penny.
Can’t bare to spend on: Really expensive shoes.
Irrational fear of: Bees and missing flights.
Brains or beauty: True beauty is found through confidence which comes from having brains.
Audrey or Katharine Hepburn: Audrey. Not only does she tell it like it is but she does it wearing an LBD.
Jennifer Lopez or Lawrence: JLaw all the way.
Diamonds or pearls: Do I need to make a choice? I just got engaged so diamonds it is!

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