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When white shirt Wednesday goes Green

Happy Earth Day, all!

It's not easy being Green

The holiday (if we can call it that) has certainly come a long way from the "plant-a-tree" simplicity of our childhood to today's macro focus on sustainability and accountability. But sometimes it feels a bit tricky to cut through the noise and weed out the marketing ploys and politics and get to the heart of the issue.

Personally, I don't have the time to properly research and know that my efforts towards being Green will pay off in the long run. I don't know what my carbon footprint is and I have no clue how I can offset it. Getting into that seems like that is the domain of smug celebrities, governments and mega corporations, i.e. not for People Like Me.

Well, of course we can't be so jaded to give up entirely, we just need to figure out how to be Green in our own way.

In my personal life, it's very simple: I don't buy (or take) stuff I don't need. I try to cut down on my consumption and make purchases that I genuinely need or am genuinely thrilled with. And I never replace things that don't need to be replaced. For example, my old beat up iPhone: works fine, looks horrible. Before throwing anything away, we try to recycle or give items away. Even scraps of vegetables get turned into stock in my house.

Fashion goes Green

In my work life at VAUGHAN, we work to make garments that women will love for seasons to come. Although we don't use recycled or organic silk as it's cost prohibitive for our customers, we do use eco friendly dyes and dying processes that are non-toxic to the environment. We always work with workshops with fair labor practices as not to exploit communities. In short, we try to leave our space in the world slightly better than we've found it.

There was a time the thought of "Green fashion" was a very scary concept. It used to conjure images of hemp wearing hippies tossing around hacky sacks, but luckily those days are long gone.

A great example that comes to mind are my friends at A Boy Named Sue. They've made a major commitment to stocking designs that prove ethics and aesthetics are not mutually exclusive. We've styled VAUGHAN shirts with ABNS in a previous post and today we're back for round two in honor of Earth Day.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have Stella McCartney. For the ultra luxury shoppers, not exactly known for conserving resources, Stella has been one of the major forces bringing ethical fashion mainstream. Using all vegan leather, she's proved just how chic it can look.

A Green #WhiteShirtWednesday

I'm pleased to share with you a White Shirt Wednesday post made of all eco-friendly pieces. Incidentally, the look is also totally chic and badass. Proof that we can have it all.

Sunglasses: Stella McCartney, available at Green With Envy.

Silk shirt: VAUGHAN Bettie shirt in Stark Naked White (just a few left)

Reclaimed leather jacket lined in 100% recycled cotton: The Sway Byron Leather Jacket, available at A Boy Named Sue. Even the hang tags on this baby are made of recycled paper and cotton!

Cotton shorts: Thu Thu, at A Boy Named Sue. The Sapa embroidery found at the pocket is made by the H'Mong women in Northern Vietnam, typically to celebrate the arrival of a newborn.

Falabella denim tote bag: Stella McCartney at Lane Crawford. Comes complete with a 100% organic cotton dustbag.

Flatform sandals: Stella McCartney at SSense.


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