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Unbuttoned with stylist and personal shopper Jackie Rose

The idea of having a personal stylist is probably foreign to many women. It seems like an out of reach luxury they just can't justify. Maybe they feel they don't have the need or more importantly, the budget. I'd bet the most contact many have with a personal stylist is watching the E! network. From red carpet critiques to fashion disaster makeover shows, it's pretty irresistible television.

Being in the fashion business, I'm exposed to a lot of stylists and it's amazing how their aesthetic, approval and approach can differ drastically. One person who stood out was Jackie Rose. Besides the usual celebrity styling (The Spice Girls!) she has a unique focus on body image.

Jackie is all about promoting a positive body image and helping women feel confident no matter their life stage.

If you think about it, we all go through many life changes they hopefully require a pretty sizable closet overhaul. Entering college, getting a first job, being promoted at that job, getting married, more promotions, pre- and postpartum, back to work, more promotions... the list goes on.

In 2005, Jackie attended the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising where she immersed herself in the industry by working backstage at Mercedes-Benz Fashion week in LA & NYC, dressing models for the runway and working with celebrities like Katy Perry, Mel B, and Mischa Barton. Throughout her ten years of styling, she's developed a sophisticated eye though her globtrotting travels and daily inspiration from her work and clients.

"I started my business to help women feel empowered and confident. It truly makes my day when a client tells me how good she feels about herself after a styling session together." - Jackie Rose

Without further ado, here's Jackie's Unbuttoned with interview:


Unbuttoned with Jackie Rose, Fashion Stylist and Personal Shopper

Style icon: Iris Apfel & Jackie O

Favorite heroine: My beautiful Mom- She has perserved through so much and did it all with Grace.

Dream lunch date: My favorite restaurant is the Ivy in LA, Getting a yummy salad and iced coffee followed by some shopping on Robertson.

Favorite cliché: The Best is Yet to Come..

Personal motto: “A girl should be two things; classy and fabulous”

Idea that changed your life: My mentor told me that different women are like a bouquet of flowers, Each one has beauty. The rose doesn’t take away from the tulips beauty, and the sunflower doesn’t take away from the daisy’s beauty. We can all be beautiful and appreciate each other's beauty at the same time. There is no competition. I no longer compared myself to anyone.

Always trying to improve: My walk with God and spiritual journey.

Most envious of: Women who can wear heels for hours and not be in pain!

Most inspired by: Knowing I have the power to make my dreams come true, that wakes me up each morning.

Fashion item you would ban: School uniforms. Every child should have the right to express themselves with what they wear.

Favorite piece in your wardrobe: I have a vintage Karl Lagerfeld Dress that is Navy and Cream Silk that is so fun to twirl in.

Biggest extravagance: A few years ago I bought a one of a kind custom made pair of Hot Pink Louboutins for a charity. They are fabulous but cost a pretty penny.

Can’t bare to spend on: I’m not a big tech person. I just need a phone that works. I don’t watch TV either. I prefer reading.

Irrational fear of: Never falling in love again and meeting a good man.

Brains or beauty: Both. But with a beautiful heart You can change the world.

Audrey or Katharine Hepburn: Audrey

Jennifer Lopez or Lawrence: Jennifer Lopez, I just met her and she is so fabulous and nice in real life.

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