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A white shirt Wednesday on the go

A day on the go

I've been busier this month than any time since, well, the last time I was six months pregnant.

There's the usual: being-a-mom stuff, running my business, trying to give my family interesting and healthy meals, exercising and maintaining some semblance of a social life. Add to that buying a new home (!!!!), moving into said home, preparing for the bambina, and thinking about all the unglamorous responsibilities (and documentation!) that comes with having two kids and two mortgages. Oh, and I'm traveling this weekend. Posh problems, I know.

In any given day, I could be meeting with preschool teachers, insurance agents, personal trainers, stylists, bankers, designers, store owners, doctors, lawyers, family members and maybe even a friend or two. As crazy as it looks in list form, I don't think this is an atypical day for many women.

Preparation is everything

Women are hardwired to multitask, it's how we thrive. And we absolutely love it. It takes a great deal of organization, which thankfully is yet another area where women excel.

Unsurprisingly, a packed day can be particularly demanding on the wardrobe.

It's always important to look polished and professional for the Suits at the law firms and banks, but it's also nice to show creativity and personality when working with my VAUGHAN team. And of course, comfort is going to be a major factor.

The busy woman's must haves

I thought I'd share my busy weekday essentials with you for today's edition of white shirt Wednesday. From left:

I've been wearing the heck out of my Cassie shirts recently. I love tying them high at the neck when I want to look professional and then using the tie as a belt for a more relaxed look in the evening. The mandarin collar is perfect and unfussy on its own or paired with a little necklace. Try the Pure White version for your week ahead, she won't fail you.

Every woman needs a pair of heels she can run in. I'm loving these little Gianvito Rossi pumps. Peep toes are so comfortable and the ankle is pretty secure in these babies.

Another must-have is a great tote. My own Fendi Toujours isn't exactly current season, but I just can quit her. She carries everything and looks great. Pictured here is the classic Peekaboo Satchel.

Classic shirts look especially fab with some kind of statement piece. Today we're sporting the Roksanda culottes. What you can't see in the picture is the most subtle little white and powder blue color blocking. Polished but unexpected and totally fab.

And finally, the most essential essentials of all: dark chocolate, lipstick you can apply in the back of a cab, COFFEE, protein bars, toys to occupy the kiddos, an iPhone AND portable charger, and the trusty pen and Five Star notebook.

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