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Lindsay White on launching her new ecommerce shop, Lot801.

Lindsay and daughter Allie

You may remember Lindsay White from our Unbuttoned With post a few weeks back. She's the mother who founded kid's clothing label Lot801 after many unsuccessful attempts at finding stylish clothes for her daughter. We loved her story so much that she is now going to be a guest contributor to this blog where she'll share her experiences as a mom and founder of a start up eCommerce business.

I remember when I opened Lot801 in March of 2014. I designed the product, took the photos, started social media accounts, I was ready take entrepreneurship on and take over the world. Then, we launched and I was so excited and couldn’t wait to get to work on the first rush of orders. So I pushed that “publish” button on the website and waited… and waited.

I remember I kept hitting refresh to make sure there wasn’t anything wrong with my computer. Something had to be wrong, right? Well there wasn’t. I think I waited about a week or two before I received my first organic order (not from supporting family members).

You see, I had this idea of what this journey was going to look like for me and waiting days, sometimes weeks before orders, wasn’t it. Thing is, it was much harder than I had anticipated. Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not afraid to get my hands dirty and will work harder than anyone I know for something I believe in, but it’s just not what I had imagined.

I look back now and smile at the old Lindsay. She had no idea what her hard work would accomplish, that she was just paying her dues. How fun would it have been if I launched and everything went crazy with sales? Okay, it may have been totally awesome. But, now I feel that much more proud of what I’ve built, that much more ownership because I worked damn hard to get here.

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing people post photos from all over the world with their little ones in my clothes. That’s what I worked so hard for, that’s what keeps me going.  The fact that I get to be apart of your little ones’ first birthday celebration, family photos, Christmas cards, etc.  It’s what makes all those hard days worth it. 

Because let’s be honest, hard days will always be there, no matter how successful Lot801 becomes.

Hearing my little Allie say, “mom I want to wear the sheep shirt. It’s my favorite”, makes me smile, even on the hardest days.

Allie's shirt and leggings from Lot 801, Herschel's Supply Co. backpack

Editor's note: Thanks for sharing this, Lindsay. I can definitely relate, as I'm sure many others can. After hitting the "publish" button on my website to very little fanfare (and even fewer orders) the next 3 years were definitely filled with a lot of sweat equity! We can't wait to read more.

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