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A black tie White Shirt Wednesday for Mother's Day

Two events that are on my radar right now: yesterday's Met Gala red carpet coverage and Mother's Day, coming up this weekend.

The Met Gala because it is traditionally the single most exciting red carpet fashion of the year. (Although I think The Cut called it correctly when they dubbed it the "Meh-Gala" in reference this year's lackluster fashion.)

In anticipation of Mother's Day, we're also doing a series on how mothers and daughters influence each other's style and I can't help but think about some of my own early fashion inspiration.  It's no secret that my grandmother was a huge influence on my style.

I credit Grammy for my love of wearing classic white shirts for just about every occasion. But she was also known for her jewelery. For everyday, she wore a minimum of 6 rings and countless bracelets. These were generally not the dainty stacking rings we see today, I'm talking gigantic turquoise and coral cocktail rings that would take up an entire phalange.

As much as I love my big jewels, I simply cannot bring myself to wear more than one large piece at a time for fear of looking "like a girl who went through grandma's jewelery box". A tragic flaw for someone who loves to accessorize.

For today's White Shirt Wednesday post, I'm drawing inspiration from the red carpet and also my grandmother.

Day to day for Grammy was usually a white shirt paired with denim or simple trousers. But my favorite moment was when she paired her white shirt with a tuxedo for my cousin's wedding. I remember thinking it was very cool and un-grandmotherly at the time. Obviously, she knew all about Le Smoking, while twelve-year-old-Lindsay did not.

Since I am the one styling this piece, not her, I've gone with a modest four rings. I'm thinking they should be worn with three on the right hand and one on the left for maximum impact. I've also found these fabulous turquoise, amethyst and diamond earrings which would have absolutely thrilled her, apart from the fact she wore clip-ons exclusively.

Given that her hands were always so busy, what with the rings and bracelets, she wasn't much of a handbag woman. She might have found a vintage Judith Leiber clutch at a flea market and been thrilled, but really it would be all about the thrill of the hunt, not the bag itself.

The purple shoes are something my sister and I would have prayyyed would show up in our dress up box one day. Purple satin and jewels. What more could two little granddaughters hope for?

Pictured: Abellan New York earrings, The Cassie pussybow blouse in Pure White, 3.0 Phillip Lim tuxedo trousers, rings by Effy, Staurino Fratelli, Yeprem, and Stephen Webster, Judith Leiber clutch, Manolo Blahnick satin pumps,

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