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Denim blogger Luci Petlack got it from her mama

From the good and the bad to the straight up ugly, there's no doubt that Mama had a major impact on our sartorial selections. This week we're celebrating our moms, grandmothers and children and the incredible influence they've had on our personal style.

Here's Luci Petlack, blogger at Luci's Morsels and self-professed denim aficionado.

Luci & Mom in knotted scarves, denim jackets and denim jeans. Must be something in the genes.

Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

"A California girl, I’ve always known my more casual style was a result of my upbringing and my family’s classic but comfortable approach to life. While I lust after the sharper lines or monochrome palettes of other fashion centers in the world, I usually end up in some form of denim.

Searching for my fashion niche a short while after I began blogging, I realized it was denim – a truly California article of clothing. I’m comfortable in my jeans. And with the huge popularity of American-made premium denim in the last decade, I was obviously not alone. Because of this, I’ve acquired quite an assortment of denim as well as a basis for grading and recommending jeans for any and all situations over the last three years.

To say I’ve become an aficionado might be an understatement.

Because jeans are so popular, I didn’t attribute my denim affection specifically to my mother until earlier this year. Walking around the streets of Chicago on vacation, I noticed her #denimondenimondenim outfit and a light bulb went off.

While I thought I was leading the way for my family on the fashion front, little did I know I was merely carrying on my mother’s sartorial affinities. My skinny jeans are narrower and brighter than hers for sure.  And she’ll never ever understand the point distressed jeans, but at the root of it all, we are a blue jean-loving duo of California babies. So I snapped a photo of her dynamic denim ensemble, posted it to Instagram, and realized just a little bit more how much my mother has taught me."

Denim on denim on denim. Surely an Instagram-worthy moment.

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