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Fashion blogger Kelly McFarland got it from her Mama

Mom was undoubtedly every little girl's first fashion icon. Today, we're hearing from fashion and lifestyle blogger Kelly McFarland who praises her mother's ability to be bold while still conforming to a strict dress code.

 Kelly's mother rocking a vibrant canary topper and patterned scarf combo.

"My name is Kelly and I am the co-founder and writer for fashion and lifestyle blog Mimosas and Manhattan.

One word. Bold.

Since I was little my mother has taught me, by example, to be bold and be myself.

Be loud. Be confident. Don't hold back.

These lessons have translated directly to my style. In the midst of the sea of black in Manhattan, I choose to wear prints, colors and accessories to brighten up my look and stand out because fashion is the easiest way to express one's personality. 

My mother works on a Naval Base in Washington D.C. In the midst a
conservative work environment with men as the majority, my mother chooses to express her personality and doesn't hold back when it comes to her style choices (while maintaining the standards of Military dress code).

She wears bright pants, printed tops and always finishes her look off with
 accessories. She takes pride in her clothing, as people should, because
 this is the first impression others have on you and is one of the ways she 
can express her *boldness*."

The bold and the beautiful. Kelly certainly doesn't shy away from bold color choices or patterns, and it definitely pays off. Thanks, Mom!


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