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Luevo CEO Ana Caracaleanu got it from her Mama

It seems that some of the most stylish women have an inherent ability to make more with less or overcome some obstacle to make themselves feel fabulous no matter what circumstances they may find themselves in. Ana Caracaleanu's mother and grandmother were no different. In honor of Mother's Day, she shares their story:

"My name is Ana Caracaleanu, co-founder and CEO at, the first fashion crowdfunding platform for emerging designers.

My sense of style has been heavily influenced by my paternal grandmother and my mother.

Growing up rather poor in a former communist country, my main source for new clothes were handmade garments. My mother owned an old Zinger sewing machine and she'd sew me everything: from skirts to tops and even my first pair of jeans! On the other hand my grandmother would knit jackets, dresses and everything else in between!

This made me believe in slow fashion, and appreciate small business owners and emerging designers (I guess in a way also influenced my career path).

Both my mom and grandmother were very stylish women. Following the latest styles from smuggled German fashion magazines they'd make their own and in my grandmother's case she would also hire professional seamstresses to create custom made and unique designs for her.

After my grandmother passing I inherited her clothes and jewellery and while I had to have the garments re-fitted for me I wear them with pride and I always get complimented on the elegant and timeless style."

True to Grandmother's form, Ana wears a handmade coat from an emerging designer.

Ana in her grandmother's custom vintage coat, 50+ years later and still looking impeccable.

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