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UStyled CEO Catherine Cassidy got it from her Mama

Stylist and CEO of UStyled Catherine Cassidy spent her formative years at Neiman Marcus with her mother and grandmother as they bonded over the beautiful fashion they found season after season. It's not surprising that she sites both women as her original inspiration:

"Both my mom and my grandma are my original Style Icons.

My grandma lived in San Francisco most of my formative years and I'm the oldest grandchild, so I got some special privileges such as going to visit her on my own or taking a trip with my mom out to visit her. (My brothers didn't get this - it was always a girls trip or the whole family.)

We would go have lunch at Neimans in the Rotunda with those amazing popovers and we would go and just enjoy all the Fashion. We would touch the fabrics, discuss the details and just be inspired. Sometimes my mom or grandma would buy something. But those initial experiences gave me such an appreciation for quality and design.

That was always how we bonded - over STYLE.

Though, I always had a clear idea of what I liked. My mom stopped dressing me by Kindergarten and I negotiated my own clothing allowance in 6th grade because I was too much of a pain to try to shop for.

I do think that my Grandma's heritage plays into the genetics of it - she's 100% Belgian and we're both Francophiles who were both fluent at one time (I'm close, but not quite there!). My grandpa was also French and Italian. So, I loved that when I was in France last September I was mistaken for a
French woman a few times ... I'll take that as the highest compliment! But, that is certainly my style - classics but fun, feminine and functional (I love a great shoe that has a bit of a heel but is also *comfortable *- what a concept!)

Now, both my mom and grandma look to me for inspiration and advice! Of course, they've been my biggest cheerleaders as I've been building Ustyled and now look to me for advice with family weddings, career transitions and everything in between.

Fun Fact: my mom's name is Elodie and there are always designs named 'Elodie' - fitting as she's my style inspiration.

I also would hire them as Ustylists for their generations in a heartbeat .... if they wanted to! :)"

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