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When the white shirt takes a Day Off

"Twist and shout...."

I stumbled across Ferris Bueller's Day Off a couple of nights ago on HBO. If you have the opportunity to re-watch it, I highly recommend it. It is so choice.

Talk about a feel-good movie of epic proportions, eh? And I'm showing my age here, but it's especially great because it's all good clean fun. Granted, Ferris is definitely a bit of an obnoxious twerp, but the kid's got charisma in spades.

Wouldn't be fantastic to take a Day Off? No consequences, no budgets, and seemingly no time restrictions?

How Bueller managed to booby trap his room, steal a Ferrari, enjoy a chichi lunch on Rush Street, take in "A Sunday at La Grande Jatte" at the Art Institute of Chicago, a Braves-Cubs game, the Sears Tower, The Chicago Mercantile exchange, become the headliner of the Von Steuben Day Parade and get home before Mom and Dad? Anyone's guess. Chalk it up to the magic of Hollywood.

On first thought, my Day Off would probably be me with the family hanging by the pool, going for a nice lunch and grabbing coffee and something sweet before going home to walk Lady. However, given what Ferris accomplished, I think I could do so much more:

The Day would start with hair and makeup people coming to make sure I look flawless for the whole day, I would slide into the jeans I haven't worn since college, breakfast someplace simple for a great muffin or scone and a flat white, onto Universal Studios or the River Safari for the morning, before the sun gets too intense. Next, a lovely lunch by the sea at one of the beach clubs. We'd then take a boat out and the Milkman would doze off to sleep.  Once we hit dry land, we'd go back home to walk Lady and then meet some friends and family for a nice dinner somewhere.

A Day Off outfit? Well that's easy:

Really, not too far from my own high school uniform. Hide-me sunnies, an untucked, unbuttoned, sleeves rolled up collared shirt, a line skirt, whimsical shoes and a bag that let's you go hands-free and an IDGAF attitude. It's classically cool and perfect for a day on the run.

Pictured: Oliver Peoples sunglasses, VAUGHAN Hepburn shirt in Lion in Winter, Karen Millen navy skirt, Chiara Ferragni flats, MSGM round leather bag

What about you? What would your Day Off look like?

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  • “Wouldn’t be fantastic to take a Day Off?” YEAAAAAH

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