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Friday finds: to style your inner Peggy Olson

Since this month's series finale of Mad Men, there's one scene I can't stop replaying in my head: Peggy on her first day of McCann, sunglasses on, cigarette in the corner of her mouth, pornographic poster tucked under her arm, guns blazing. Who's the sexual harasser now?

In this scene, she's confident and cooler than even Don Draper at his best.


Remember the naive little secretary who started at Sterling Cooper? She's gone.

McCann now has a copy chief who questions the status quo and absolutely won't take "No" for an answer. Relatively common traits in women today, but not so much in 1970.

If you read any of the critical reviews of Mad Men, many say that women of today are lucky to have had the Peggys and Joans of the world pave the way so that we could expect a level playing field in the workplace.

I don't know that many women who truly expect a level playing field, but there's no denying the landscape has changed quite a bit.

And for that, we are lucky girls indeed.

Which brings me to today's Friday find, a Charlotte Olympia perspex bag worthy of a badass like Peggy Olson. Incidentally, this little beauty is on sale at Moda Operandi which is very lucky indeed.

In homage to Peggy, here's how we think she might have styled the Lucky Strike inspired bag for a day at McCann in 1970.

Although I'm not a smoker, I do love the retro styling of this cigarette carton inspired bag and I bet Peggy would too. The bag is paired with an office appropriate red silk shirt, an a-line suede skirt and stacked heel pumps. Perfect for a day-in-the-life of a corporate ladder climbing Peggy.

Pictured: Charlotte Olympia Smokin Lucky Girl clutchRay Ban Meteor sunglasses, VAUGHAN silk blouse in Love Affair, Topshop suede a line skirt, Dolce & Gabbana 1970s stacked heel shoes

Editor's note: There's no doubt that Stan will soon be influencing Peggy's sartorial selections which no doubt means heaps of suede, maroons and tans. Sort of sorry we'll have to miss that.

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