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Friday finds: the designer sale edit

Designer sales - a most glorious summer kickoff

The week after Memorial Day is one of two of my most favorite weeks of the year. Not only is it my husband's birthday week and the official start of summer, it also marks the start of the best designer sales.

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know I'm not a fan of sale shopping or bargain shopping. In general, I think it can lead to some seriously ill-advised purchases of Stuff No One Else Wanted. However, I make an exception for the annual, most excellent sales at Net-A-Porter, Moda Operandi, Barneys and Far Fetch.

Scoring great new additions to your wardrobe

Here are my general guidelines for making the most of this glorious week:

  • Go big. Don't waste time and money on pieces you already have or that are readily available. Sure all those Vince tees are great, but do you really need another one?
  • Buy classic investment pieces. THIS is the time to splurge on a big splashy you may not normally be able or willing to spend on. I love to go for things like statement skirts and great jackets that are classically beautiful and will stand the test of time for seasons to come.
  • Avoid the obvious. You know that kinda-cute Moschino Barbie-inspired line that was everywhere last season? Avoid, avoid, avoid. By the time you start wearing it, it's over. If you missed the trend the first time around just bow out.
Edit, edit, edit

If you follow the above guidelines, you should have a pretty well edited shopping cart. You're looking at and buying pieces that you love, are totally splurge-worthy and will look fantastic for seasons to come. The tricky part is continuing the editing once your new best friend, the FedEx man pays his visit.

You must return anything that is:

  • Even slightly disappointing. Don't love the color, fit, workmanship? It's gotta go. I don't care if it was 90% off.
  • Too small. Sorry.
  • Impossible to style. Have no idea how you're going to wear this piece? That's not going to change.

My sale favorites

Even writing this post, I edited my final selections at least 3 times. I thought to myself "do I really love this piece?" and "is it worth sharing with my readers?". Well here they are, the final seven pieces to make the cut.

1. VAUGHAN Hepburn shirt in Coming to Dinner. This is one of my favorite shirts I've designed to date. I love the simplicity paired with a bit of romantic lace and the ultra wearability of black and white. I've seen this shirt at parties and cocktail hours on women aged 25 - 65 and I have to say, it looks fabulous every time.

2. JW Anderson pale pink leather skirt. I've been a massive fan of leather skirts since seeing them on my fifth grade teacher. When done properly, they look absolutely fantastic. This version is no exception, the sweet pink color and a line silhouette make it a surprisingly versatile choice for day-to-night and for 3 seasons. I also love the drape effect, a nice little touch to keep it interesting.

3. Bionda Castana satin pumps. These shoes are definitely directional, but the classic shape and graphic pattern mean they'll stand the test of of time. These pumps would easily elevate a simple black and white outfit or take a black and white print to a whole new level. Very cool.

4. Dolce & Gabbana gold square frame sunglasses. Gold lace and oversized sunglasses are two things that will never truly go out of style. I bought a similar pair last year with a floral print and I regret nothing. They're perfect for pulling out on occasions where you want to add a little something more to the old outfit.

5. Simone Rocha feather trimmed trousers. I know I've been referencing Mad Men a lot, but remember when Joan went shopping for a new wardrobe after she became a millionaire? Her purchases included a feather trimmed pencil skirt and I thought to myself "why don't people dress like that anymore?".  Well, now we can.

6. Fornasetti malachite scented candle. Here's where I'm going off the rails a bit. I'm in the middle of a total obsession with malachite. Which wouldn't be a problem except I'm also in the middle of decorating my new home. Guys, I have malachite wallpaper in at least two rooms. Naturally, I have to include this amazing candle in my mix but it's super expensive and I don't even know what it smells like. Do with it what you will.

7. Burberry dip dye skirt. Phew! Back to my senses. This skirt is lovely and classic and simple. Like the malachite candle, the price tag is a little tough to swallow but this beautiful skirt will definitely be around for years to come.

Happy shopping, all!


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