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Unbuttoned with: Tanya Sotillo founder of LuxeColore

Luxe Colore, an online platform connecting shoppers with indie brands from around the world is the brainchild of owner and founder Tanya Sotillo.

Tanya’s vision came to life after reading an Essence article that described the difficulties designers of color experienced while attempting to grow their brands. Tanya was determined to develop a shopping experience that linked exceptional specialty products and designers to a larger market. Luxe Colore is a carefully and thoughtfully curated shopping experience that welcomes the exciting, the audacious, and the unique shopper.

The Luxe Colore team meticulously selects fabulous brands and products to showcase on Luxe Colore, thereby empowering these designers to connect with new customers. The aim is to inspire with unique statement pieces and designs.

Unbuttoned with... Tanya Sotillo, founder of

Style icon: Jennifer Lopez

Favorite heroine: Miranda Priestly

Dream lunch date: Michelle Obama & Oprah

Favorite cliché: Beauty may get you noticed but brains will keep their attention

Personal motto: Be your own council, only you have to live with your decisions
Idea that changed your life: People of color are part of the foundation of the fashion industry yet many talented designers go unnoticed, many young designers of color have no idea of our history in the industry and the lack of diversity in fashion continues to be an issue.

Always trying to improve: my physique, have to keep these curves firm and perky!

Most envious of: Beyoncé's wardrobe and super small waist line

Most inspired by: My Mother! She came from Panama at 19, learned English, went to Business School at night, raised me and my brother with my dad, and worked her way up the corporate ladder.

Fashion item you would ban: mile high platform heels

Favorite piece in your wardrobe: My Brian Atwood Python Heels, I can wear them all day
Biggest extravagance: Shoes

Can’t bare to spend on: Full price at any large chain stores like Zara or Banana Republic, etc.. I am all about the SALE lol!

Irrational fear of: Spiders

Brains or beauty: Brains all day!

Audrey or Katharine Hepburn: Fashion Audrey Hepburn but acting Katherine Hepburn

Jennifer Lopez or Lawrence: I love Jennifer Lawrence in Hunger Games!

Diamonds or pearls: Diamonds

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