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White shirt Wednesday: bronzed ambition

A goal for all seasons

Have you ever noticed there are stereotypical goals assigned to the months of the year?

In January, we're supposed to lose weight detox, in April we work on our beach bodies, by June we aim to be the most stylish wedding guest, August is for getting organized for "back to school", and October through December are dedicated to Pinterest'ing the living daylights out of holiday meals/decor/gifts.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Although magazines would have us believe otherwise, I don't know many people who actually count any of the above as a "goal". With one notable exception: everyone wants to get just a little bronze in the summer. (Au naturale or otherwise).

I can't think of many who don't love even the most subtle summer glow. It's look that says "I have plans on the weekend" and makes everyone look just a bit fresher.

And of course, there's nothing that complements a lovely bronze than the contrast of wearing simple white. For today's White Shirt Wednesday, we bring you a look perfect for showing off your lovely glow.

White shirts and bronzed ambition

There's absolutely nothing I love more than a perfect silk shirt with a golden tan. It's polished and crisp and especially alluring when unbuttoned with a tiny glint of a dainty gold necklace peeking through.

Tucked into cool cotton tailored shorts and worn with white lace espadrilles, the look strikes a perfect balance for a chic summer casual look.

Finish it off with white and gold sunnies and a few cosmetic enhancements via eyeliner, bronzer and a bright gloss. Finally, unwind with a good summer beach book and an oversized sun hat that proclaims "do not disturb". Sip a little water to stay hydrated, or better yet, switch to rosé.

Summer bliss at its best.

Pictured: Tom Ford cat eye sunglasses, VAUGHAN Bettie shirt in Stark Naked White, Jennifer Zeuner layered necklace, Pucci flap shorts (on sale, no less!), Valentino lace espadrilles, Eugenia Kim sun hat, Clinique chubby stickCle de Peau bronzer, Estée Lauder sheer gloss, Calypso woven leather tote


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  • I don’t really count any of those as a goal either. I do love wearing white in summer!

    Mimi & Chichi

    Jess on